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VennDiagram: Safety And Security (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Create a Venn Diagram to compare Safety and Security. Be sure to include a written analysis/conclusion below the
diagram (minimum 75 words). Be sure to cite any sources used, including the textbook, in APA format.
The Venn Diagram is an organizational tool made of two overlapping circles for charting similarities and differences
between characters, stories or other elements.
1. Read about Safety and Security efforts.
2. Create a Venn Diagram.
3. Type the characteristics of Item 1 in the first space on the left.
4. Type the characteristics of Item 2 in the last space on the right.
5. Type the characteristics that both items have in common in the space in the center.
6. Analyze the data you have entered.
7. Write your conclusions below the diagram.
8. Include the following terminology in your analysis/conclusion: safety, security, reasonable care,
foreseeable harm, and liable.


Venn diagram: Safety and Security
VennDiagram: Safety And Security

Safety is the protection of an individual's physical well-being and health. There can be threats to human safety as there is concern for welfare and bodily security inside the building for employees and patrons. Safety also requires requires adherence to rules to be free from harm. Hotels are wholly or partially liable when there is loss or injury when they are no reasonable care for the safety of guests (Hayes & Ninemeier, 2007). Security is the Protection of a guest’s or business's property or assets. According to Baker, Bradley & Huyton (2000), security also focuses on preserving the reputation of a hotel, a well- controlled system to handle the guest keys is necessary.
There are few threats to the lives or safety of persons when security measures are undertaken. This includes focusing on risk management and following a safety plan to e...
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