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Security Challenges in IoT Healthcare Research Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


IoT Healthcare Security

Security Requirements





Security Challenges in IoT Healthcare
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Security Challenges in IoT Healthcare
Internet of things (IoT) refers to the process of inter-networking of physical devices such as vehicles, buildings, actuators, electronics, software, sensors as well networking connectivity that helps these objects to exchange data. In other words, IoT is a system of interconnected computing devices, objects, animals, people as well as both mechanical and digital machines to boost the transmission of data with the aid of unique identifiers without requiring either human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. In the intensity of the internet growth, IoT systems are also victims of cybercrime since it is applied in many practices such as banking, healthcare, government systems, army, and other business operations that prone to crime. As a preventive measure, there are security control strategy that are installed to protect the objectivity and enhance the effectiveness of the system. Security requirements for IoT-based healthcare solutions have similar elements and functions similar to those in standard communications scenarios. Consequently, to attain a secured services, it is essential to pay much attention on aspects of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization, fault tolerance and self-healing mechanism
First, confidentiality is a vital principle that guarantees maximum protection of medical information against unauthorized personnel. This is boosted by gears such as passwords protected system, random checks, strict administrative procedures, restricted print permission, data encryption, physical guarding and limited access of data by staffs to keep data private. In addition, private messages tend to hide their contents to eavesdroppers and other malicious hackers. Second, integrity is about honesty to boost credibility of an institution or a particular process. Integrity ensures that the protection of medical information for unauthorized users is robust. In addition, confidential messages resist revealing their content to eavesdroppers who can be hunting down such data for their personal gain. Third, authentication enables an IoT health device to ensure the identity of the peer with which it is communicating. This helps to identify foreign attacks of malicious personnel on the security devices. Fourth, Availability guarantees survivability and accessibility of both local and cloud IoT healthcare services to the authorized staff when needed. This is done by limiting access of the vital information from reach of other members. Fifth, authorization is a set of guidelines and rules that are programmed to allow only the approved personnel to access the network services or resources. This can be done through administrative policies and use of gadgets that allows only authorized persons to access certain materials. Sixth, fault tolerance entails setting up security devices in a manner that they will continue working and and delivering security services even if they are damaged or they experiencing problems such as software glitch, device compromise and device failure. This helps to remove cases of sidestepping and ensure the security system to operate 24/7. Lastly, through self-healing, medical device in an IoT healthcare network are set to remain working upon device failures especially due to lack of energy.
Security Challenges
However, IoT healthcare security measures and plans are not inevitable from shortcoming or limitation because IoT security requirements are not ensured by traditional security techniques, novel counter strategies are required to sought new challenges posed by the IoT. The Challenges for secure IoT healthcare services include; computation limitation, memory limitations energy limitations, scalability, communications media, multipl...
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