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Emerging Technologies and Continuity Manual (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Design and develop a manual to educate future leaders. The manual should be comprehensive for Strategic Management of Emerging Technologies and should include at least one chart and one checklist.
At a minimum, include the following:
Explain the tactics that are effective in understanding and applying emerging technologies.
Explain how developing Strategic Intent is used to ensure the emerging technologies will meet the company's future requirements.
Explain the importance of knowledge management and the systemic process to research and evaluate emerging technologies.
Formulate leadership approaches to effectively manage strategic planning, emerging technologies, implementation, and integration.
Discuss some of the shortcomings or pitfalls experienced during this endeavor and provide advice to assist future leaders.
Provide a brief cloud computing case study to illustrate prior bullet points.
Provide a brief IoT case study to illustrate prior bullet points.
The 5-page manual with both text and graphics, creating either a Microsoft DOCX file or an Adobe® PDF file.


Emerging Technologies
Student’s Name
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Emerging technologies are said to be the strategies that are capable of changing the status quo of the company. They include a variety of them such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive sciences, and information technology among others. It is important for a firm to keep in touch with emerging technologies (Ross et al., 2018). This will enable the company to stay relevant in new development frameworks, mobile trends, cloud infrastructure as well as many other technology innovations. Keeping in touch with emerging technologies helps a firm to improve and maintain its products. Also, it meets service delivery to the clients as it meets their expectations (Robinson & Smith, 2018). Keeping up with modern trends always add value to the stakeholders of a company. It should not be hard for a company to keep up with emerging technologies if it employs certain strategies. When exploring views, keep your mind open and always think outside the box. Keep trying even though some of the trends may not seem to be effective at first. You may never know which one will help you in the long run until you gather enough data and explore all the possibilities. This paper intends to investigate how firms keep up with emerging technologies.
Strategic Intent
Strategic intent includes stretch targets that force firms to compete in state-of-the-art ways. Currently, managers in many companies are burning the midnight oil in order to match the competitive advantages of their rival firms. They are trying to lower the cost of labor, rationalize the lines of production as well as other strategies (Ross et al., 2018). All the above strategies help in capturing the global scale economies. The companies form strategic alliances when competitive goals cannot be achieved. This is done with the firms that seem to be upsetting the competitive balance. Many firms are using more energy in order to achieve what their rivals are already enjoying. Copying what our rivals are doing may be the truthful form of flattery. On the other hand, it may not lead to competitive regeneration. Strategies based on copying our competitors may only be good for firms that have mastered them.
Furthermore, successful rivals hardly ever stand still. It is not surprising that many managers feel trapped in what looks like a catch-up game that is not ending, often amazed by successes of their competitors. For these managers as well as their firms, recovering effectiveness will require them to rethink numerous basic concepts of strategy (Robinson &Smith, 2018). Research has revealed that companies that have gone up to international leadership for the last 20 years unvaryingly started with determinations that were beyond share to their capabilities as well as resources. However, they developed an obsession within winning at all levels of the firm. Also, they maintained that obsession over a quest often to twenty-year foe international leadership. This obsession is what is known as strategic intent. Studies have shown that many companies are more conversant with strategic planning than they are with strategic intent. It depends on whether the managers are precise on what or how the strategies will affect the performance of a firm.
Knowledge Management
There is no generally accepted definition of knowledge management currently. However, some straightforward ideas require to be considered as well as explored. We have to explore on i

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