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Public Service Announcement: Canadian Food Policy (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Your task is to create a public service announcement (PSA) to educate the public about one Canadian food policy. A PSA is a short announcement that provides information to the public, for example about issues related to health and safety or issues relevant to the community.

Some tips for creating an effective PSA:

  • The target audience is the general public, who may not have specialized knowledge about food and nutrition, so the PSA should use short sentences in everyday language.
  • Clearly, state the issue and explain to the audience how the information is relevant to them.
  • Use information from your research to support your claims.
  • Since PSA usually play on the radio or television, they must be short—no more than one minute in length.

Your PSA should include:

  • a brief summary of the policy itself;
  • an explanation of why the policy was established;
  • its benefit to the Canadian public; and
  • reference to scientific research that led to the creation of the policy.

You may present your PSA in any format you choose (e.g., video, animation, poster, or radio spot). Make a list of any sources you consult using APA style.
Your PSA will be assessed on the criteria on the next page.


Public Service Announcement
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Organic foods are an instant source of energy. They are easy to consume and affordable; that's why people across Canada and the United States love buying their favorite cereals, syrups, pies, fruit juices, and nuts on a regular basis. The organic food sector of Canada is responsible for providing the best food items to consumers locally and internationally. A couple of years ago, the Trudeau government decided to charge the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food and asked them to develop An Organic Food Policy for Canada. However, it was not confirmed whether this policy would direct people towards a more sustainable and healthier food system or not. Just like the United States, Canada has been producing large quantities of processed, frozen and fresh organic foods, such as fruit juices, pies, maple syrup, bre

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