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Legal Ideology in the Aftermath of Rebellion (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


McCoy, Ted. "Legal Ideology in the Aftermath of Rebellion: The Convicted First Nations Participants, 1885." Histoire Sociale/Social History 42, no. 83 (Mai-May, 2009): 175-201.
2. Submit an evaluation of the following reading using the attached Reading Evaluation Form:
MacKay, Gail. “A Reading of Eekwol’s “Apprentice to the Mystery” as an Expression of Cree Youth’s Cultural Role and Responsibility.” American Indian Culture and Research Journal 34, no. 2 (2010): 47-65.
Pls. Watch "Too Sick” at http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=0XuYikRUl7g
Documents will be attached.
Each topic requires one page each.


Legal Ideology in the Aftermath of Rebellion
1 State the thesis statement of the reading (your own words or exact words may be used).
The book provides a vivid evaluation of the punishments that were meted on the first nations people in the aftermath of the 1885 rebellion to better understand the legal ideologies of the of the late nineteenth century.
2 In point form, provide only the main the arguments of the article.
The article provides the argument on the reasons that the first nations people rebelled
It also give an argument on the influence that the British law practiced in the eighteenth century in England had an influence in what was found Canada
The article brings out the argument on the influence of the Bloody Code on the on the law
It also...
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