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Journal Set one Paper Two and Three (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


his is a two part paper with journal 2 one page with only 4 to 5 setences. Journal 3 is the sqame thing. It is five questions to answer for journal 2 and then journal 3. I have gave an examplef journal one somewhat. These papers are about my social work internship at Asia 
Services.which I deal with imagrants and refgueses.Therefor, each journal should have 225 words answering the 5 questions for each journal. Instructions are added in order. Doris

Journal Set: ESOL Internship
Emerging Strengths-Based Practice
I happened to work as an intern with English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) pregnancy citizenship program. I was involved in doing intake assistance in the program whose activities entailed making the migrants expectant mothers understand the process of labor and child birth as well as understanding the medical procedures and the interventions involved. In addition, women were advised on good nutrition and exercise, pain relief choices, relaxation techniques and how to effectively take care of their babies. The program also get involved in referral activities to other medical professionals whenever a mother presented with medical issues such as depression where they received information, support and services that is essential to their wider health needs. Mothers are also taught English language for ease in communication.
Critical Thinking
My feeling is that the work is too much for such a short period of time. We need to be given more time for internship as this will help us get ample time to impact English skills and other skills that assist expectant migrants. There is a need to have enough time to deliver language training which promotes social inclusion for the non-English speakers and to ensure a productive and effective contribution from migrant workers to the nation’s economy.
Emerging Professional Identity
My field instructor feels I can do the work very effectively. I can attribute my performance to the fact that I was able to integrate the theoretical knowledge to my daily activities in such an effective way. I was able to interact with the ...
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