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History of my organization Social Sciences Research (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The writer who did my order ending in 97950 had research about my interning organization so this journal is based on that same firm : “dress for success”
When was your organization founded, by whom, and was its beginning influenced by feminist movements or other movements for social change?
How has the organization changed over time?
What have been major crises in the organization and how have they been resolved?
Are founding members of your organization still involved? If so, how has their role changed over time? If not, how do current members relate to the founders and their vision? (Are the founders forgotten, revered, criticized, or what?)


History of Dress for Success
History of Dress for Success
The Dress for Success organization in the United States was founded by Nancy Lublin in 1997. The development of this firm started from a minor location in Manhattan, spreading to 160 cities in 27 countries (Dress for Success Worldwide, 2017). Dress for success serves more than one million women with the desires and anticipations of achieving economic independence through the assurance of excellent outfits at their job places and also on special occasions like interviews. The founder established the organization with a maximum of $5000, in the effort and attempt to help women in shaping their lives towards perfection (Dress for Success Worldwide, 2017). Lublin had the vision of dragging women out poverty and enhancing their worth and respect in the realization of their efforts in mounding their families and communities for an excellent future. Hence, the founder had a feminist idea of creating a loop for women in society to establish a basis for economic independence.

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