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First Generation Student In College Research Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Help write an obstacle running last About the first generation of college students classified as finical education knowledge with social.
REQUIMENT: at least 7 obstacles and 4 resources per list (28+ total). Most obstacles have resources for overcoming them, including some you imagined yourself. Most resources listed should be school, nonprofit or government programs, policies, funding, etc. (not mostly actions students and families can take). All items have sources; the majority of readings should be cited (11+). Listed items should reflect thoughtfulness and accurate understanding of course content.


First Generation Student in College
First-generation students in College are those whose parents have no or university education and, the number of these students has increased steadily; this is especially for the ethnic minority and low income students who are the first in their families to attend college (Katrevich
& Aruguete, 2017)
Lack of financial resources to complete many tasks
Increased financial aid including through university programs helps students complete their studies.
Access to more loans, grants and scholarships is also prioritized.
Financial aid counseling targeting students before these are loan disbursements (Engle, Bermeo, & O'Brien, 2006)
Scholarship outreach programs to link students with other funding sources including local, national and the private options.
Katrevich, A. V., & Aruguete, M. S. (2017). Recognizing Challenges and Predicting Success in First-Generation University Students. Journal of STEM Education: Innovations & Research, 18(2):40-45.
Engle, J., Bermeo, A., & O'Brien, C. (2006). Straight from the source: What works for first-generation college students? Washington, DC: Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Education. Retrieved from
Lack of parental involvement because of lack of information
Encouraging parental involvement through outreach programs.
Encouraging school career counseling activities and advising students facilitates transition (Swecke et al., 2013, 50).
Tutoring programs can convince parents that this will result in positive adjustment among students.
Early college programs are essential to making the first generation college students better prepared and there are no additional costs for enrolling (Stephens, 2014, p. 8-9).
This is my own
Swecker, H. K., Fifolt, M., & Searby, L. (2013). Academic advising and first-generation college students: A quantitative study on student retention. NACADA Journal, 33(1), 46-53.
Stephens, N. M., Hamedani, M. G., & Destin, M. (2014). Closing the social-class achievement gap: A difference-education intervention improves first-generation students’ academic performance and all students’ college transition. Psychological science, 25(4), 943-953.
Failure to connect learning and prepare first-generation college students and low income students are a concen even as there is a need to increase their graduation rates.
States should expand their own versions of the Student Support Services (SSS), which is part of the TRIO federal p

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