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Causes Of Eutrophication In Great Lakes: Case Study Of Lake Erie (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Hi there, did you remember you have witten a proposal "Eutrophication in Great Lakes: Case Study of Lake Erie"
The prof require us to write outline about it. Please take a look at the "proposal of case study" that I uploaded it and related to this proposal. Because the outline should hava same intention with proposal. Thank you!:)
The fourth written assignment is an outline for your case study. An outline structures the paper you will write in a way that makes it obvious if you are missing something. An outline is also important to make sure you do not get lost in ‘writing caul-de-sacs' and lose sight of the big picture. 
For your outline, I expect 1 – 2 pages written in some kind of structure. Bullet points are fine, your structure does not need to be as detailed in the link above. However, you must address the three elements on page 1 on the outline, as well as have a concluding statement. Further, I expect the outline to be annotated with citations in author-date format. Your outline should have at least 5 citations of peer reviewed literature, and references to other sources (e.g. reports).
Some example topics:
Eutrophication in Great Lakes, Lake Winnipeg, or another freshwater system


Eutrophication in Great Lakes: Case Study of Lake Erie


Institutional Affiliation

Eutrophication in Great Lakes: Case Study of Lake Erie


Eutrophication is a critical term when it comes to an understanding of how the water body ecosystems change. It alludes to the increase in plant life within the water bodies as a result of increased nutrients that trigger plant growth (Kane, Conroy, & Peter, 2014). The study focuses on the eutrophication of Great lakes and primarily on Lake Erie. The key aspects of the introduction include:

Problem statement.

Research reviews show that there are challenges emerging from the eutrophication in the Great Lakes for the past five decades. Although there has been increased focus on reducing the impact of eutrophication, there are new challenges emerging due to re-eutrophication at Lake Erie (Michalak, Anderson, & Beletsky, 2013). Consequently, there is a need to readdress and find sustainable solutions and identify the efforts underway as well as proposed and potential initiatives.

Objectives. The general objective of the study is to understand the impact of eutrophication at Lake Erie

To investigate the causes of eutrophication at Lake Erie
To investigate the consequences of eutrophication at Lake Erie
To investigate the potential and sustainable solutions

Research questions. The research questions conform to the objectives of the study

What are the causes of eutrophication in Lake Erie?
What are the consequences of eutrophication at Lake Erie?
What are the potential and sustainable solutions for eutrophication in Lake Erie?

Literature Review

The changes experienced in the Great Lakes represent a changing ecosystem that presents different challenges. In the recent past, there has been an increase of blooming toxic plants that endanger other organisms, including fish and humans (Allinger & Reavie, 2013). There is a range of studies, both qualitative and quantitative that have focused on providing insights into these changes and the impact they have on the community.
Eutrophication. Focus on the increase in growth of plants in the Lakes.
Nutrient sources in the lakes. A critical review of the sources of nutrients to determine the natural and artificial aspec

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