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Child Abuse: Global Overview, Long Term Effects Of Maltreatment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Webpage Research Report.
Complete part 2 of my research project "Webpage Research Report". Part 1 the research project "Multimodal Annotated Bibliography" have been include for view.
This is a research report, made accessible through a webpage, comprised of multiple written genres as well as a variety of modes (i.e. video, PowerPoint, visuals, podcast, etc.) that creates a compelling stance on a disciplinary issue. You will include the four resources that you assessed in the multimodal annotated bibliography with the addition of three more resources (7 total).
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Child Abuse
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All around the world, there are cases of millions of children who are trapped in child abuse. This deprives them of their right to grow as children, without education, and health. In the end, they are condemned to a life of poverty and other forms of human wants. CITATION MAA151 \l 1033 (Abbasi, Saeidi, Khademi, Hoseini, & Moghadam, 2015) It cannot be ignored that there are things that children do to help the families as part of their family chores. But the main issue is that they were people of an upper hand often less off competition. It is a very serious violation and a good team CITATION MOD08 \l 1033 (O'Donnell, Scott, & Stanley, 2008). The following report focuses on the issues of child abuse by looking at various aspects of child maltreatment, the long term effects and how the issue of poverty contributes to high cases of child abuse CITATION SKi17 \l 1033 (Norman, Byambaa, Dee, Butchart, & Scott, 2012). The report will also discuss how depriving the child a right to education is a form of abuse including poor nutrition.
Global overview
According to the recent estimates by UNICEF and ILO and the World Bank, there are about 16 young men and women age 7-10 who are engaged in child labor. Millions of these children also suffer in other worst forms of labor that includes slavery-like practices like forced and bonded labor, child soldiers and slavery, sexual exploitation and using children for other illicit activities that include drug trafficking. Even with the decline in child labor, the development is still very slow. At the most recent rates, more than 100 million children may still be trapped in child labor by 2020 CITATION DMF08 \l 1033 (Fergusson, Boden, & Horwood, 2008). The increasing persistence of child labor also poses a great threat to the national economies of the country and will have a very severe long term and short term negative consequences for the fulfillment of the rights of children as guaranteed by the United Nations convention on children rights. This includes education denial and the frequent exposure to violent acts.
In the general sense, the maltreatment of children has been found to interrupt the normal process of the child's emotional development CITATION MAA151 \l 1033 (Abbasi, Saeidi, Khademi, Hoseini, & Moghadam, 2015). According to various studies of maltreating parents, it that they usually show less positive emotions to their children and more negative emotions than the non-abuse parents. Studies also show that maltreating parents are usually very isolated from their children and are away from their interaction with others CITATION SKi17 \l 1033 (Norman, Byambaa, Dee, Butchart, & Scott, 2012). This provides a few non-parental model of emotional communication.
In addition, a child that is inconsistently receiving a harsh caregiving is bound to have difficulty when it comes to predicting consequences of his or her behavior. This in turn will be manifested in deficits when it comes to processing of their emotional information. For example, a maltreated child will often show many difficulties in understanding CITATION MAA151 \l 1033 (Abbasi, Saeidi, Khademi, Hoseini, & Moghadam, 2015). The will not be easy in recognition and unwilling to express emotions. They are often at risk of exhibiting different types of social delays. The lack a lot in empathy and experience a reduction in the engagement of pro-social behavior CITATION MOD08 \l 1033 (O'Donnell, Scott, & Stanley, 2008). This shows in general that lack maltreated children have a challenge in emotion processing, it is however difficult to known whether such deficits persist in to adulthood.

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