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Applying sociological theories in American Got Talent TV show (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

1. I need Sociological Analysis please 2. Instructions The purpose of this assignment is to apply sociological theories to favorite television show or holiday. essay should include the following: 1. What are the basic assumptions of Structural Functionalism? 2. What sociological terms are relevant to Structural Functionalism? 3. Apply Structural Functionalism to your topic. 4. What are the basic assumptions of Conflict Theory? 5. How does Karl Marx's early work relate to Conflict Theory? 6. What sociological terms are relevant to Conflict Theory? 7. Apply Conflict Theory to your topic. 8. What are the basic assumptions of Symbolic Interaction? 9. Apply Symbolic Interaction to your topic. 10- Essays should be double spaced and have a cover page , APA STYLE. All theories should be defined, discussed and applied in a precise and comprehensive manner. 11- The introduction : states the purpose of the paper and the scope of the paper the body of the essay conclusion : this paper's purpose was to...... and this paper covered....... . source..

Applying sociological theories in American Got Talent TV show
Applying sociological theories in American Got Talent TV show
The purpose of this order paper is to explore certain sociological theories and the key sociological terms used in these theories. The paper also considers how these theories can be applied in our daily live scenario, American Got Talent TV show.
The theory of structural-functionalism suggests that, just as an organism does have parts which make up a complex system, a society is also a system no less than the organism. The society`s smooth functioning is anchored on the interrelated parts within a society. Each part serves a different function in bringing harmony and orderliness within the functioning of the society. This theory makes seven basic assumptions;
1 The Systems in a society has got parts which are interdependent and poses a sense of order. It assumes that societies and their social units get bonded together by orderliness and cooperation.
2 The system in the society can remain static as well as it can undergo an orderly change process.
3 The system`s boundaries are kept within the environment of the society`s system. External environments of social units and societies are distinct but get adapted to each other when necessary. That is when there is a conflict between the system parts.
4 The functioning of these interrelated parts tends to move towards equilibrium with each other so as to ensure smooth functioning and no conflict in the society.
5 Nature of every part in the system significantly influences the form taken by the other part.
6 The system strives to maintain and control the relationship of its parts as well as its boundaries. The system also has a tendency of resisting change within it.
7 To achieve equilibrium within the system, integration and allocation of role is vital. Labor division is important to maintain equilibrium.
This theory has got certain relevant sociological terms such as;
* Structure: this is a system of hierarchically arranged status of roles filled with relevant individual so as to ensure the society functions smoothly.
* Function: a series of activities geared towards meeting the needs of the system. The society establishes pattern and institutions to help carry out the functions of which help maintain equilibrium.
* Structural strains: these are disturbances occasioned by social change resulting from disorder. Disorder occurs due to confli...
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