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Critical Reading Assessment: Theology And Practice Of The Lords Supper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Logic and Argument:
1. The main argument of this article is:
2. The key concept(s) we need to understand in the article are:
(What important ideas do you need to understand in order to understand the authors' line of reasoning?)
3. The main assumption(s) underlying the authors' thinking is/are: (What are the authors taking for granted [that might be questioned]?)
4. What are your reactions to this argument? Are you convinced? Why or why not?
5. What questions do you have about this article? Do you need more information? Is part of the argument unclear? Is there something the authors haven't considered? What would you ask the author(s) if you spoke with him/her/them?


Theology and Practice of The LORD'S SUPPER
Critical Reading Assessment (CRA)
Theology and Practice of The LORD'S SUPPER
Question one
The main argument of this article is:
The article is about the foundation and establishment of a true Christian church. The true Christian Church is anchored on the preaching and teaching the gospel, without which the church cannot exist. This is the fundamental truth that the Lutheran church believes, teaches and confesses. According to the Theology and Practice of The LORD'S SUPPER, Holly Spirit works through the Gospel in calling each of us from the darkness of the law's condemnation into the light of Christ's saving work.
Question two
The key concepts we need to understand in the article are:
It is important to understand that Gospel, which no human intellect could ever formulate creates saving faith. The faith incorporates people into the body of Christ. The important aspect to understand from this article is that

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