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Writing a Summary How Much Hotter is the Planet Going to Get? By Michael Le Page (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


For this assignment, you will be writing a summary for a particular audience. As a writer, you must address a particular scenario, described below, and use what you have learned about audience, the writing process, and the reading and writing connection to create a successful summary.
You have a scenario you must respond to as a writer: You are working for a general interest magazine that covers topics from the environment to popular culture. Your editor has asked you to write a short summary for the science and environment section on climate change. Your editor explains that there is a lot of confusion and conflicting information on the topic, and she wants the readers of your magazine to have the key information summarized and clarified.
Your first step is to find an article that summarizes the current situation on climate change. You can find an article at the following location:
Page, M. L. (2014, March 9). How much hotter is the planet going to get? In NewScientist Environment. Retrieved from http://www(dot)newscientist(dot)com/article/dn25187-how-much-hotter-is-the-planet-going-to-get.html?full=true#.Ux3KJo2MEkV
Your task now is to create a short summary of about 250 words that presents the key ideas from this article for your readers who might be confused about climate change and wondering what is really going on. Remember, your summary must be objective. Your editor has made it clear that you are to leave your opinion out of this piece.


Writing a Summary how much hotter is the planet going to get? By Michael Le Page
In the article ‘How much hotter is the planet going to get,’ Michael Le Page states that the earth is highly sensitive to carbon dioxide, while there has been an underestimation of the cooling effects of aerosols. Failure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions would then be catastrophic to the earth, leading to climate change. Some scientists point out that greenhouse emission causes global warming, but there has been slower warming in the recent decades even with increased industrialization. The cooling effects of sulphur aerosol pollution have been underestimated, and as the rapidly growing Asian countries reduce pollution, there is likely to be accelerated global warming. To better understand how climate change sensitivity a...
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