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Poverty and Income inequality Mathematics & Economics Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


There is growing concern about poverty and income inequality. These two concepts, however, are not the same. Income inequality deals with the percentage of income earned by the different income groups, while poverty is concerned with how difficult it is for the poor to meet basic needs. In Section 1.4, you read about deontological and consequential approaches to ethics. Using those approaches, evaluate how well free market systems versus government intervention in markets address poverty and income inequality. Include in your discussion an explanation of how people in a free market economy, acting in their own self-interest, can better those around them. Bring examples from your own experiences where your actions, though entirely self-motivated, resulted in a benefit to somebody else.
Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length in APA format 7th Edition. No references or citations are necessary.


Free Market System, Poverty and Income Inequality
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Free Market System, Poverty and Income Inequality
Capitalism empowers corporations to take price decisions free from government intervention usually through Spider-Man Policy. Although economics emphasizes self-centered attitude, the business student finds it as unethical behavior. The followers of Professor Holt, a deontologist, while considering the deontological approach to ethics estimate the price fluctuation based on an optimal attitude of economists without measuring consequences. However, the consequential approach to business verifies that the free-market system effectively addresses the poverty and income inequality as these actions can bring a positive result for the poor.
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