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Measure of Central Tendacy and Sampling (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


                               Please answer the below in 135 words

Measure of Central Tendency

In the business world, the mean salary is often used to describe the salaries of employees of a company. However, the median salary may be a better measure of the salaries than the mean. Which is the better measure of central tendency? Why? Review and respond to the comments posted by your classmates offering your insight on this topic.




                                              Please answer in 135 words



  In this week's readings, simple random sampling, systematic, stratified, and cluster sampling are discussed.  Define each of the sampling methods.  Then, post two examples of sampling situations BUT DO NOT IDENTIFY THE TYPE OF SAMPLING. Identify and discuss the types of sampling represented in your peers’ examples.


Measure of Central Tendency and Sampling
Measure of Central Tendency
The median represents the middle observation in a data set and is the best measure to represent average income of an employee. The workers typically have different income levels depending on their duties, responsibilities, experience and ranking in an organization. The salary data is often skewed and it is not affected by outliers (extreme values) when using the median, but the mean is sensitive to the outliers. The salary of the CEO and the top management is much higher than the low-level workers, meaning that the mean would not be a suitable summary statistic. For instance, if the salary of the CEO increases by $100,000 the mean also increases while the median stays the same. The mean is likely to be higher since it is influenced by the larger values of ...
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