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"Office Space": Organizational Behavior Management Research (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Assignment is for my MAN3240 Organizational Behavior Course
1. watch movie "Office Space" go to amazon account Login: ASK SUPPORT Password: ASK SUPPORT
click on prime video and you will see video of office space listed and already purchased to watch now.
2. Break down the organizational structure within the movie.
Analyze (3) three organizational levels of the setting in the movie:
1.) the main subject and their place in the organization
2.) the group or work team in which they work, and
3.) the organization in the movie they work for
What type of organization is it?
How is the organization set up?
Use your knowledge in Organizational Behavior to critically analyze the organization, the team and individual.
APA formatting is not required, however college level writing and organization is expected.


"Office Space": Organizational Behavior
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"Office Space": Organizational Behavior
The main subjects in the movie are Peter Gibbons, Michael Bolton, and Samir Nagheenanajar. The three work in a group of programmers for an organization called Initech. Initech is a technology company specializing in software programming. The organization is set up in the usual company structure. There are the first level employees who carry out the main tasks of the organization. Then there are the managers who monitor and evaluate these tasks. Finally, there are company executives who approve budgets and create execution plans.
Regarding Initech’s organizational structure level, the company is arranged in a typical

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