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Mini-Review of the Literature-Impact of Climate Change to the Organizational Management (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Use either the ABI Inform/Proquest or Ebscohost database in the Keiser University Online Library to research for five academic scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles on a topic of interest to you. These articles should support your thesis (developed in the discussion).
You will write a mini-review of the literature that you have found. A review of the literature is more than a summary, it is an analysis. Make sure you know the difference: https://www(dot)differencebetween(dot)com/difference-between-summary-and-vs-analysis/. Make sure you understand how to write a review of the literature: http://www(dot)duluth(dot)umn(dot)edu/~hrallis/guides/researching/litreview.html.
Submit your 3-5 page (not including title and reference pages) paper with title page, an introduction, review of the literature (ROL), conclusion, and reference page by Sunday. NOTE: All papers are to be composed in the APA format.


Mini-Review of the Literature-Impact of Climate Change to the Organizational Management
Institutional Affiliation
Mini-Review of the Literature-Impact of Climate Change to the Organizational Management
Climate changes have different impacts on organizations and this is the main determinant of their business operations. Understanding the potential effects of climate change helps businesses around the globe to make decisions based on the larger context of the larger challenges facing the organizations and the industry at large. There exist some uncertainties that pose challenges in understanding the challenges posed by the effects of climate change globally. However, science and technology help in building a strong and credible body of evidence-based on several types of research that document the changes and link these to human activities. Therefore, climate changes have negatively impacted organizations and this has posed a real challenge to the management.

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