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Macro-Trends Affecting The Future Of The U.S. Health Care System (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Health Care Administration
Identifies and discusses the macro-trends affecting the future of the US healthcare system, including such aspects as the overall economy, demographics, personal lifestyles and behaviors, technology (including biotechnology and smartphones), and federal and state government policies. Note that These factors are neither exhaustive nor are they offered as a mandatory framework; your research will identify macro-trends relevant to your findings.
2) Use the above analysis, identify five (5) career opportunities that healthcare leaders will have to be aware of, address, or pursue in 2025. Be sure to explicitly link each job opportunity with the specific trends identified in your analysis.
While Prezi and Google Sites are specific examples of the kind of virtual tools your Team might use, each team is strongly encouraged to explore, experiment, and creatively use the best tool available for communicating their findings.
This website is really helpful. The topic that I choose is Personal Lifestyle and behavior (Changes in the environment and lifestyles of patients are creating health problems in the US. • Obesity • Diabetes • Hypertension)


Macro-Trends Affecting the Future of the U.S Health Care system

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Macro-Trends Affecting the Future of the U.S Health Care system

Healthcare is one of the most dynamic sectors. New diseases and conditions keep emerging all the time, calling for research to come up with new interventions. New medical technologies are also being invented every day and health care providers must continuously seek to acquire new skills. Moreover, the ease of cross-border movements presents the risk of spread of diseases into new regions. Due to climate change, geographic locations and patterns of diseases are bound to change. The proportion of the aging population is on the rise, exerting more pressure on the industry. Lifestyle and behavior changes have also brought with them the risks of various chronic conditions. To keep up with the trends, the federal government constantly reviews and adopts legislation. It is of great importance for healthcare providers to understand and prepare adequately for the future of the industry in the face of these changes. The trends will definitely lead to the extinction of some roles but will bring a whole lot of new opportunities and growth in the industry. Understanding this change will help health care leaders to invest in the right fields to ensure that the industry will have the numbers and skills to deal with the challenges of the future.

The personal lifestyles and behaviors of Americans have greatly changed over time. Unfortunately, the changes are mostly unhealthy. Unhealthy eating habits and other lifestyle behaviors such as smoking have predisposed them to various chronic diseases. Approximately one-third of adults and children are obese (Smith & Smith, 2016). Other lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension are on the rise. Excessive fatty foods have been shown to lead to hypertension. Dietary proteins and excessive caffeine have also been associated with hypertension (Beilin, 1999). The pressure associated with the modern world has also been associated with hypertension. These conditions generally reduce one

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