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M3D1: CSR Current Event of Google Incorporation (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


M3D1: CSR Current Event
The videos in this module clearly suggest that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is “the role the company plays in supporting society” and “many companies are trying to find ways to make money, while doing something positive for society.” The idea is that companies are responsible for “doing well while doing good.”
For your discussion:
Identify a recent example of a company that is attempting to “do well, while doing good.”
Note: You may use magazines, newspapers, journals, the library, and the Internet to gather your information.
Identify a recent example of a company that has cut corners and done damage, while doing well financially.
Note: You may use magazines, newspapers, journals, the library, and the Internet to gather your information.
Compare and contrast each company’s CSR report.
What drives CSR in these companies? Is the reason linked to pragmatism, ethics, strategy, or some combination?
Identify the key stakeholders impacted by the CSR policies.
Discuss the impact of these companies’ choices on the company’s image and competitive advantage. Consider the global aspect, if the company(s) is a global company.
Post your primary response on the discussion board. Be sure to review your writing for grammar and spelling before posting. Read any postings already provided by your instructor or fellow students. See the SBT Discussion Rubric for how you will be evaluated for this activity. You are also expected to read the responses to your original posts, and if a classmate raises a question or an issue that warrants a response, you are expected to respond.


M3D1: CSR Current Event
Corporate social responsibility is the role that a company plays in providing support to allow the well-being of the society. This kind of support ensures that a company focuses on the achievement of sustainable development and the delivery of environmental social and economic benefits for each stakeholder (Tai, & Chuang, 2014). The approach of using CSR is more of an ethical approach rather than a legal approach. There are no fines for an organization, which does not use the corporate social responsible policy in favor of the environment, community or relevant interested parties. This paper seeks to discuss the CSR current events of Google Incorporation and Eskom Company.
The company that is attempting to do well by doing something good is Google Inc. This is because it has a good corporate social responsibility policy evident from their environmental accountability plan (Adams, 2015). The company has worked to ensure that it stays carbon neutral since the year 2007. The company has been able to achieve this by making huge investments in programs that help reduce the consumption of energy. The

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