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Discussion: Legal Issues. Convention Contract for a City-based Sports Competition (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Chapter 11 of our textbook focuses on legal issues in meetings and events. I teach a whole other class (HFT3670) on risk management in the meetings industry if you're interested, but for now, let's discuss one of the most important topics in the field of liability: contracts.
Main Response (250 words minimum):
1. Identify a kind of contract into which a meeting planner would have to enter for the execution of a large-scale, city-wide event.
2. Based on your reading in Chapter 11, describe what elements are required for this contract to be enforceable (e.g. offer, acceptance, consideration, etc.). What would the consideration on each side of the type of contract you chose look like (e.g. money, services, promises, etc.)?
3. Does the type of contract you chose have to be in writing (i.e Statute of Frauds)? Why or why not?
4. What type of cancellation or termination clauses should a meeting planner request in the type of contract that you chose?
5. If a dispute should arise from the type of contract you chose, which of the four resolution methods discussed in Chapter 11 would be best, and why?
Others example:
1&2. Large conventions like the PGA Merchandise Show sometimes have programs where if you are an attendee, you receive discounts on your lodging and flights by booking with associated airlines and hotels. This agreement between the meeting planner and the associated company benefits both; attendees on a budget will be more inclined to come to a meeting or event that is out of town if they get special travel rates, raising the ticket sales, and the airlines and hotels are getting their possible contenders passengers and guests over their competitors. There may also be advertising incentives included in the contract for the hotels, airlines, and possible rental car services as well.
Airlines can also have attrition clauses, where they will offer a discount to guests of the event by allowing a certain number of tickets to be sold within the time frame of the event. If they don't reach the allotted number of tickets promised by the event planner, the planner will be responsible for the payment of those tickets.
3. As long as the event is within a year of the contracts date, like the PGA Merchandise Show which happens around the same time every year, it does not necessarily need to be in writing. But for such a large scale event that attracts travelers from all over the world, it would be extremely important to make sure both sides follow through with their offers of advertising, discounts to attendees, and any other agreements included in the contract.
4. It is extremely important for the meeting planner to have something with weather in different areas of the world in a termination clause. If a guest booked a flight through an affiliated airline, and that flight was cancelled due to weather or a national emergency, the event planner should not be responsible for the loss of the seat.
5. A private or informal resolution would be best for both parties. With large companies like airlines, news can spread very quickly about any lawsuits, leading to the event planner's company to get a bad rep. And while there are quite a few airlines, it's a small enough industry where if you cut ties with a company, you could be inadvertently putting the guest at a disadvantage by not providing discounts.


1. Convention Contract for a City-based Sports Competition
2. If a Convention Contract is to be followed by the event organization, then things such as housing , transportation, event venues, and facilitation should be considered. In the contract, it should be specified that the sponsoring City should be responsible for the offer for the different elements that need to be included in a Sports Convention. It can be headed by the city mayor who can provide an offer for the facilities, and contingencies that are needed.

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