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Compare Variables: Pros And Cons Of Calculation (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


What colleges have the highest and lowest average SAT scores and why?


Compare Variables
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Compare Variables
Address the following research questions:
1 What colleges have the highest and lowest average SAT scores and why?
Using the R Studio function summary(), it was easier to establish what schools had the highest and lowest average SAT scores.
> summary(na.omit(sub$SAT_AVG))
Min. 1st Qu. Median Mean 3rd Qu. Max.
10.0 473.0 473.0 450.4 473.0 473.0
> summary(na.omit(sab$SAT_AVG))
Min. 1st Qu. Median Mean 3rd Qu. Max.
2.0 468.0 473.0 418.3 473.0 473.0
The output results indicate that Pennsylvania schools had a lower SAT score of 2 than California schools, which had a minimum score of 10. The maximum SAT score for both states was 473. Additionally, PA schools had the lowest average/mean SAT scores of 418.3, while California colleges had the highest average score of 473.
2 What are the differences between the standard errors of both states?
The standard errors of both California and Pennsylvania states differ significantly. The difference between the two states is 0.2113758 because the SEM for the State of PA is higher than that of CA.
3 Are there differences between California and Pennsylvania schools?
Yes, California has 795 schools, while Pennsylvania has only 405. Arguably, this elucidates that there are more educational institutions than those in Pennsylvania. The 390 difference may be as a result of location factors where pioneers and students prefer California for its popularity and city life to Pennsylvania State. Notably, California schools are different from those in Pennsylvania since their SAT scores differ in mean, standard deviation, and standard error means.
Then address the following in a research paper with an introduction, method, and results section:
Identify the dataset and variables and provide context to the research used to collect the data (in an introduction section).
Among the viable elements listed on college scorecard, SAT average scores are equally important. Various organizations, such as Common App, ACT, and College Board strongly urge students to make use of the College Scorecard and FASFA to search for schools, which have good values before they submit their exam scores and college applications. Prospective scholars sit for a combination of mathematics and evidence-based reading/writing section. Out of 1600, students are urged to attempt the 1000 average score to be considered for admission. Schools post their required SAT admission scores such that if a student score lies within or above these ranges, they are legible for admission into their dream colleges. For schools that do not list SAT scores, test-optional policies/procedures allow them to use high school records such as GPA or class rank criterion. However, these procedures have limitations where students sit for ACT or SAT tests in case they failed GPA or class rank criteria.
In California State, Stanford and Caltech Universities are the most selective colleges, while UCLA and Berkley are the most prestigious and selective public universities in the USA. Pitzer College is one of the numerous test-optional colleges in the country. Apart from the average SAT scores above, admissions to California State schools require a strong academic record, winning essay, great recommendation letters, and excellence in meaningful extracurricular activities. As for schools in Pennsylvania, the measures of admission using SAT scores are the same as those in California. Pennsylvania’s Dickinson, Gettysburg, Juniata are among the numerous test-optional scores and do not require to post their SAT...

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