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MKT 301 Exercise 1: Strategic Marketing. Business memo (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Date:  February 14, 2020 To:  MKT 301   Exercise 1: Strategic Marketing 
_________________________________________________________________________  Your first assignment is to write a business memorandum (memo) about strategic marketing. You will write the memo in a similar format to this, using as much creativity as you like with the layout while still meeting the style requirements of a business memo.  
 Consider an organization of your interest. It could be an organization where you have worked, an organization that you want to work for, or a fictional organization (e.g., a startup company). Think about a product or service the organization offers, and the strategies the organization is pursuing to market this product or service.  
  What is (are) the target market(s)?  Apply any one of the following frameworks to analyze the business situation.  o Porter’s Five Forces o S.W.O.T.  o Cost Leadership/Differentiation/Focus o BCG Growth-share Matrix o Ansoff’s Opportunity Matrix 
  Propose an S.M.A.R.T marketing objective for the product or service.    Identify one environmental force that matters the most for the marketing strategies.   
 Using the questions above to guide your thinking, write a memo of 400-600 words detailing the situation analysis of your chosen organization. The memo needs to meet these expectations:  
1) No more than three pages of single-spaced text using a 12 point readable font; 2) Directly address the questions presented; 3) Ensure that your writing is coherent and clear.    
Your memo may benefit from keeping the following suggestions in mind: 
  Proofread and edit your work;  Be concise and honor the stated page/word limitations;  Do not use phrases such as “I feel,” “I think,” “I believe” and “in my opinion.”  These phrases weaken your impact and message;  Avoid using unnecessary words such as “really” and “very” that do not add value. 
 You are expected to hand in a hard copy of your memo by 10:00 am, February 21st (Friday). Late assignments within 24 hours will receive partial credits only and not accepted after that time. 


Date: February 21, 2020
Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company that is based in California. Apple develops, designs and sells online services, electronics to consumers. The company targets individuals between the ages of 18 to 34 years. Teenagers are considered as the target market of apple products like iPods. This is because they love to listen to music and visit social media sites. There are a lot of gaming applications that have become a trend for teenagers. Apple Inc. also targets young children and business people. This is because their products can enhance effective communication and delivering of messages and emails.
SWOT Analysis of Apple Inc.

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