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Is Using a Phone While Driving a Distraction or Not? (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The infographic you create should be based on the topic of your research paper. Use one of the methods/programs you learned in iLab. Before you upload this you need to write a 300 word explanation of the content of your inforgraphic. Give me a hard copy of your infographic for me to check on the same day you submit this on line.


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Is Using a Phone While Driving a Distraction or Not?
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The infographic is a demonstration of how a cellphone can be a distraction to driving and it imperils the lives of those who do it. It does not matter if someone is in a hurry, have to make calls, and other reasons because the act itself will decrease the amount of concentration someone puts into driving. It is easy to just pick up the cellphone and start texting or make phone calls, especially because of a busy schedule, but safety should always come 1st. This act will endanger a person's life and those around them. The people who are riding in the car with him or her should feel safe while traveling with the person. They can talk to the driver while on the trip to keep them from falling asleep, but never allow them to use their phone while driving when they are on a busy street. A lot of people think that it is okay to do this because using phones is part of the norm now, but there are still limits to it.
The 5 seconds that a person is not looking at his or her phone covers a lot of distance already and anything can happen. It takes a split second to crash into something or hit a person crossing the street because the driver did not see them due to cell phone use. This is not fair to other drivers on the road who are mindful of their safety, which is why everyone should cooperate. If an important phone call needs to be made, a person can always stop the car 1st and go to the side of the road to avoid being an inconvenience to other motorists. Following proper guidelines is crucial to any driver because the safety of their lives are being protected when these rules are being implemented.
The use of technology products such as mobile phones and cars have gained popularity over recent times. Particularly, smartphones have become addictive such that their users do not want to put them away when performing tasks including driving. On its own, driving is a task that requires maximum concentration of the driver to ensure safety. However, drivers are increasingly ignoring this requirement by engaging in either texting or making and receiving calls while driving. This is attributed to the need of responding to emergency calls, saving time while communicating and avoiding boredom while driving. Additionally, most of the people who engage in phoning while driving arrived at their destination without any harm. Although, this can be safe to some extent but it does not guarantee 100% safety of the persons involved. This is evidenced by the increased car crashes that have recently occurred over time. Using the phone while driving divides the attention of the drivers and distracts them from achieving high performance while driving. It also lowers their ability to make a proper judgment while driving and could result in accidents that could have otherwise been avoided. As such, the use of phone while driving should not be encouraged since it will overlap with the mind of the user. Accordingly, this paper proves that the use of phones while driving is a distraction.
Driving in itself is an activity which requires maximum concentration from an individual. However, there are situations where the driver is required to give about 60% concentration on driving. These cases involve driving on roads which are not busy and driving at night on roads which the user is very familiar with. With such clear roads, an individual may not be required to fully focus on the road. As such, they may be required to engage in other activities that would keep them busy and protect them from activities associated with boredom like sleep (Walsh et al. 6). Mo...

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