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The house upon Mango Street (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

I have to reed book about "the house on mango street", for Sandra Cisneros. I have to reed page 1-45 and write journal entery. We have to analysis and explain in our own words why we found the passage to be important or interesting. ***we do not have to do book report or simply summarize the contents of the passage. We have to go beyond it somehow, analyze it, offer thoughts about why it seems important to us. source..

The house upon Mango Street
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The house on Mango Street
Sandra Cisneros’ work in the book ‘the house on Mango Street’ attempts to bring out a story of a girl by the name Esperanza, her neighborhood and the various life experiences she went through (Rivera, 2002, p.3). The highlighted aspects are highly interesting and are very important because of the ways through which they manage to pass on the intended message as required by the author. These aspects may be explained as follows.
For instance, although built upon a single girl’s story and her environment as well as how these environments influenced her life, the book enables readers to attain important information on the culture held by the Mexican-Americans or Chicanos and effects of such cultures. In English, she reflects, her name means “hope,” while in Spanish it means “too many letters” as well as “sadness” and “waiting.” (p.3) Owing to the fact that Esperanza lived in a neighborhood perceived as poor due to the experienced living conditions and resources, this enables the reader to have a feel of the experienced problems within such neighborhood hence strive towards possible solutions’ attainment (Rivera, 2002, p.7). Some of the neighbors such as Cathy’s family are presented as having the desire to shift to France in search for better living. This shows that improvements within the mango street ought to be done so as to ensure that individuals live within better conditions.
The story presented in the book turns out to be interesting because it expresses Esperanza’s actual experiences of life. The unfolding of highlighted events shows the actual happenings in life and they therefore ...
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