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Reflection Memo About The English Class Midterm (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Reflection Rules:
-1-2 Pages.
-I will upload a sample memo so you can get an idea of how it should look like.
-Bulleted Lists
-Numbered Lists
-Headings/ Subheadings
The Memo must answer these Questions in order of it to be successful:
1. What have you learned about writing since the beginning of the Semester?
2. What do you still want to know about writing? Why?
3. Is there anything I've talked about in class that you still don't understand?
My Notes:
I have learned writing isn't always about perfect grammar instead, writing is actually about delivering the idea in a perfect way. What i still want to learn in the class is how can i write long essays in a short time without getting bored quickly. Everything we talked about in class in understandable in a great way.


SUBJECT: Reflection Memo about the English Class/Midterm
What I have learned about writing
Since the beginning of the semester, I have learned that writing is not always about perfect grammar, but it is actually about delivering an idea in a perfect way. This means that there are numerous concepts that writers use to ensure that ideas are presented in an appropriate way instead of having to rely complex vocabularies. To start with, learning is an art that can be sharpened through continuous practice. Just like other forms of arts and skills, it is not possible to perfect one's writing abilities without regular practice. Furthermore, writing requires an individual to sharpen his communication skills in order to be a position of conveying those ideas in a paper. This is the main reason why some students find it difficult to express themselves on paper since they are yet to master the most effective ways of communication. To be a good writer, an individual should be able to reflect on these questions:
* What do I want to write about?
* What is needed to ensure that the writing is appropriate?
* What is required to enhance the value of the writing process?
* What should be considered to avoid the mistakes of the writing process?
When the above questions are analyzed, an individual will have a better opportunity of improving his writing skills. Another important secret I have learned is that one does not have to cram everything in a book in order to be a good writer. Well, this does not imply that the basic writing skills should be ignored, such as good grammar, plot, ideas, aims and objectives of writing. A writer should first ponder on what he wants to write about, the attributes that he will give his main character, and what is required before offering the characterization attributes. This implies that enough time should be spent on the development of the story before the writing process can begin. An individual will be in a position of developing the details of the story to ensure that all the requirements and solidified. This is because every writer has a number of core attributes which play a fundamental role in the development of the writing process.
I have also learned that writing can present a number of challenges for those individuals who fail to prepare. The writing process has its own difficulties and it is not necessary to start by writing a perfect article. The most important issue is whether an individual is able to present his ideas in an appropriate manner to ensure that the written article is beautiful and presentable. Th

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