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Merchant Of Venice Annotation: Dramatic Scenario (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please follow the instructions given and annotate the given Shakespeare monologue carefully, the monologue is directly drawn from the Merchant of Venice, make sure all the 12 requirements are written down on a separate piece of paper.


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Merchant of Venice Annotation
1 Identify the speaker and the dramatic scenario
1 The speaker in this text is Antonio and the event happens while he is about to die. On the other hand, the receiver of the text was Bassanio and he was being asked by Antonio, his close friend, to tell his wife about how Antonio and Bassanio have both been friends for a long time. There are no other audiences specifically illustrated in this phrase. However, this would affect the latter part of the story as Bassanio would reveal to Portia some of the undertakings that he and Antonio has experienced.
2 Consider Individual words
2 Custom – while custom refers to traditions, it was used here as an adverb to describe how Fortune becomes unusually prominent in both their lives
3 Doth – archaic of do (singular present)
4 Judge – witness
5 Wretched man - unhappy
3 Identify the referents of all pronouns
6 I, my – Antonio
7 Your, you – Bassanio
8 Herself – Fortune (personification of)
9 Her – Portia
4 Now try a prose paraphrase on a separate sheet of paper
10 Prose paraphrase on a different sheet of paper
5 Identify grammatical patterns, starting with the subjects and verbs of the sentences
There is a shift in the tense of the phrases from being in the present on the first parts of the poem to a future tense in the succeeding stanzas. This is to reflect the pieces of advice being given by Antonio as he reflects how these would

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