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Marketing Is Everything: A Way Of Doing Business (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


You need to write about "Marketing is Everything".


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Marketing is Everything
Regis McKenna's article emphasizes much on transforming Marketing process and elements that should be considered to achieve success in their implementation. The new technology is responsible for driving such transformation as they are readily available and widely utilized by different business sectors. McKenna emphasizes that such transformations could be important in the products and services' development for fit strategies of customers, and in using marketing process based on different alternatives.
According to McKenna “marketing, today is not a function; it is a way of doing business.” The author holds that there is a relationship between marketing and all other business. McKenna repeatedly discusses how technology has changed the marketing realm. He discusses the shift in the view of marketing, especially on the customer-oriented focus that most of the top companies have taken. The author gives details of the market catalysts that have instigated such a tremendous change in marketing direction and efforts. McKenna (1991) states that “the defining characteristic of this new technological push is programmability,” (2). According to McKenna (1991), this new direction has the capability to generate very many product varieties for customers to choose from (2).
McKenna stresses that customers lack the old understandings, knowledge of the old rules, or old business approaches but they do not care. He

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