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Listening summary and commentary. Effectiveness of speaker's arguments (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Hi Class,
As mentioned earlier, the listening report is a take home assignment.
Listening Report Instructions
a) Please watch the following TED Lecture on The Scientific Method and write a summary and commentary. This will help you with the listening test next week,
Your commentary must discuss 1) the effectiveness of the speaker's arguments, 2) the bias, 3) the tone, 4) the pattern of organization, and 5) whether or not you agreed with the speaker (more critical thinking is demonstrated when you find flaws or points you disagree with).
Here is the video clip ; https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=j12BBcKSgEQ


Listening Summary and Commentary
Student’s Name
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Listening Summary and Commentary
Teman Cooke, a Ph.D holder in theoretical physics criticizes the process of scientific method in his Ted Talk Show presentation titled, “The Scientific Method is Crap.” Cooke diatribes the formula approach of scientific methods applied in research studies by asserting that it purely prompts researchers to focus on arriving at conclusion only. The speaker supported his argument by mentioning that he noticed a phenomenon while teaching a science class in a middle school, whereby students were only hanging up on finding the answers without tracking them through thinking (Cooke, 2013). According to the speaker, the conventional approach of the scientific method, which entails asking questions, carrying out background reviews, formulating a hypothesis, conducting experiments, analyzing data, and drawing up of the conclusion is insufficient.
Cooke went on saying that the scientific method is a problem because it basically outlines lists of steps that fail to capture what many scientists do.  

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