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How to inject insulin with a syringe and a Flexpen pamphlet (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

I need that you develop a pamphlet for this topic. The pamphlet goes together with my previous order. It is going to contain pictures and instructions about how to inject insulin with a syringe and a flexpen. The essay of my previous order is to support this pamphlet. Professor Instructions: Select a health-related topic of your choice. Create/develop a \"tool\" for patient education on that topic. This could potentially be something you can implement at work, with a family member/friend, or in the future as a healthcare provider. Apply strategies for effective patient education/compliance discussed in this course. source..
Pamphlet on How to inject insulin with a syringe and a Flexpen
Injection of insulin hormone is vital since it ensures breakdown of starch and sugars into adenosine triphostate, a chemical substance that is in form of energy (Guillory, 2010). Insulin is largely used to control sugar levels of patients with Type 1 diabetes (Guillory, 2010). Poor administration of insulin may cause rise or fall of blood sugar level. Consequently, the effects can be life-threatening. Injection of insulin onto the body requires one to have a Flexpen tool or a syringe since they serve the same purpose (Falvo, 2011). These devices offer an accurate and convenient way of taking insulin.
Precautions and procedure taken
* Wash hands before removing the Flexpen cap. Wipe the stopper before opening insulin reservoir with alcohol as follows
Note that the vial should not be shaken or rolled to avoid bubbling or formation of foam which can lead to inaccurate readings (Guillory, 2010).
* Pull the plunger of the syringe back to ensure that the black tip reaches the marking where the numbers of units to be injected are calibrated as shown below. In case one is using the Flexpen, push the easy-to-pull button backward until you fetch the required amount of insulin
Diagrams showing the syringe and Flexpen
* The needle should then be pushed through the stopper into the vial and then push in the plunger in order to exert pressure as shown
Note that the Flexpen has got an easy-to-push button that serves the purpose of a plunger.
* The vial and syringe should be then be turned upside down while you slowly pull the plunger out or back a few units depending on the amount of dose required as illustrated in the diagram below
* It is important to note that if air bubbles are spotted, one should tap the syringe or Flexpen with the finger to ensure that the air bubbles rise to the top of the needle (Guillory, 2010). One is then expected to push the plunger slowly in order to correct the recommended dose a shown below
* Note that it is always advisable to check and ensure the dosage is accurate before pulling the syringe or Flexpen out of the vial (Falvo, 2011). After confirmation, the injection should be done as recommended by the healthcare provider (Gui...
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