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Different Forms Of Musical Works (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


My paper is on Playlist Mixtape
CREATE a playlist of 7 to 9 musical works
ORGANIZE your selection under a theme such as "Music for Motivation" or "Cross-Country Playlist." Be creative as you like.
INCLUDE the following:
- 3 works of popular music, such as rock, pop, country, dance, or hip-hop
- 3 works of medieval or classical music; selections may include cantatas, oratorio, fugues, and so forth
- 3 works from other musical forms such as opera, jazz, or folk music
WRITE a 550 word summary of your playlist which discusses how the formal and technical qualities of music affect you. In other words, how does music create a certain type of mood, and is it successful in promoting a response from you, emotional or otherwise? Also, explain how the artists and music on your playlist use different techniques to communicate ideas. Use at least 7 or more vocabulary terms from the text in your discussion which may include but not limited to the following:
. Form
. Composition
. Call and response
. Fusion
. Looping
. Sound
. Pitch
. Scale
. Dynamics
. Timbre
. Rhythm
. Beat
. Meter
. Tempo
. Melody
. Harmony
. Motif
. Consonance
. Dissonance
. Tonality
. Texture
SUBMIT your playlist, its organizing theme, and your summary in one document


Humans have used different methods of expressions since the dawn of time. Some prefer giving out a speech of how they feel; others do it through poems, art, drama, musical, and dance. Dance has been one of the main forms of expression where music genres like folk music have their roots form centuries back. Some styles such as hip-hop are modern and recent. Their style characterizes each form, but in the end, they tend to have a common goal, which is the artistic expression and the overall celebration of the human and nature depending on the interpreter. This paper is going to look at some of the different forms of musical works by classifying the same in different categories for easier analysis.
Classical music
Classical music is some sort of art music that is produced and has its base in the traditions of the Western Culture. It comprises of both secular and religious culture. It has sound that are related to the catholic church as the catholic monks created the first music notation to standardize the liturgy. The developed western staff notation was then used by the composer to indicate to the performer the pitches these include the basslines, melodies, rhythms, tempo, and metre for the music. Classic music is characterized with use of music notation and the performance use of complex forms of solo instruments. European classical music composition involves written down repertoire in a musical notation which creates the score.
Slave Music
Jazz songs (reading mode playlist)
* High Noon at the saloon by living speed bump
* The sky is high and so am I by MarcoWylie
* That old black magic by chezjulie
Jazz style is widely acknowle

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