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Day Care Benefits Critical Analysis Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Apply critical thinking on how does day care benefits a family and the child. Would you say that children that don't have their parents early on in their lives are more aggressive? Why or why not? What different alternatives are there than traditional day care that parents could utilize in order to give their children the care that they need without having to take time off of work?


Day Care Benefits Critical Analysis
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Day Care Benefits Critical Analysis
Over the years, there has been a dramatic rise in maternal employment and as a result, increased use of day-care on the child and the family. Although the issue remains a contentious one among experts, day care tags with its merits and demerits. The environment is conducive for the cognitive development of the kid but on the other hand, it has shown to increase the kids’ acquisition of aggressive behavior. However, there are alternatives to day-care that are easily available to parents and can easily achieve similar initial intents.
The impact of day care is phenomenal in many ways both to the family and child. Economically disadvantaged children show more improvement in their intellectual capacity more than those from advantaged backgrounds (Vandell, 2000). This conclusion is also dependent on the quality of day care and in a particular, enriched day care programs. Besides, their motor development was another factor that showed increased improvement.
Focus on the impact of the process on family has been less analyzed by various researchers. Day care children have decreased time with their mothers. As a result, they are more involved in interactions with them when they get the opportunity than home reared kids and their parents (Pardeck, T., Pardeck, A., & Murphy, 1986). Besides, the interactions are in-depth implying that mother can listen to the real progress of kid unlike in home-reared children and parents who will have vague conversations. On the other hand, day-care children provide much-needed time to their parents and particularly their mothers as they can further their studies. Further implications indicated that families with employed mothers and day-care children have higher median incomes than families with children at home.
On the other hand, the separation from their parents and more so, their mothers was a causative for strained emotional development. The emotional detachment is a likely link

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