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Classroom Etiquette Summary Writing Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Classroom Etiquette Summary
Kristina Beckman-Brito’s work Classroom Etiquette highlights the importance of an instructor understanding the diverse culture to create a friendly learning environment for all students. The work was centered on research that aimed to establish behavioral differences of eight countries. It was conducted at a major university in the American Southwest. The participants were eight graduate students from different eight countries around the globe. The study, however, was built on the previous studies about classroom etiquette.
The previous studies, though centered on the Asiatic students, found that international students encounter several challenges in the American class. This is regarding learning styles, authoritarian classrooms and the structure of classrooms. Due to these differences, international students face various challenges like the assumption about the America’s education setting. It is however noted that the root core of these problems arises from the notion of what is considered appropriate or inappropriate in the American classroom setup.
The method of research employed in this study included surveying eight graduate students from a major American University in the Southwest. The study was conducted in their home countries. Questionnaires were used. The research was later compiled together by a one on one interview. The interview encouraged the participants to articulate on their responses to the survey.
All the questions were responded differently by the participants. They, however, came to a convergent point when it came to eating or taking a drink in class as well as using professor's first name. They considered this inappropriate. The question about arriving in class some few minutes late showed no significant difference in their attitudes. It was unacceptable. Asking questions in class or giving personal opinions was perceived as class participation by most participants while others perceived it as disrespectful.
Based on the asked questions in the questionnaire or during the interview, respondents gave different views. There are those who would not dare ask professor questions while in class as they perceived it disrespectful. Some perceived it as class participation. They, however, agreed that using the Professor's first name was not only inappropriate but also awkward. Most of the participants rated cheating on an exam as highly inappropriate with a distinction from the Argentinean and the Taiwan participants. The Argentina explained that cheating was perceived inappropriate by the professor and not the students. The Taiwan says that the environment students study in, in Taiwan allow room for cheating. On the matter of discipline in class, the method the teacher used to foster discipline either earned or lost them respect. The teacher who would keep quiet to get the attention of the class would earn respect. The one who shouted would lose their respect. The promptness in arriving to class was...
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