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Cats vs. Dogs Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Comparison/contrast essay on cats vs dogs


Cats vs. Dogs
Cats vs. Dogs
Pets are popular because they are companions in many households. People keep several pets, but the most famous ones are cats and dogs. There are several similarities and differences between cats and dogs. People prefer keeping the two animals for various reasons. Accordingly, the two animals have various differences and similarities.
One of the most common similarities is that both cats and dogs have fur that makes them adorable and easy to love because of their hairy nature. That is why they are cared for like children to the owners especially when groomed well. Both animals require love and affection from the owners and can equally show the same. They both can relieve stress to their owners, making them great companions. Both animals have routine costs of feeding, grooming, training and medical care, making the cost of owning both cat and dog to be quite high (Spector, 2015).
One of the major differences between cats and dogs is that they are of different species; the cat belongs to the family of felines while the dog is canines. Another difference is that dogs spend a lot of time and perform several duties compared to cats. A dog can be an excellent companion by aiding the owner for evening walks; a well trained dog acts as a guide to partially blind people. At the same time, dogs serve as security in many households. Dogs are much stronger than cats because they can protect its owners, therefore, they are considered much safer to have around than cats. T...
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