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Adopt a Text Literature & Language Research Coursework (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


ESL 1010

Adopt a Text assignment (20%)

Due Date – Aug 14, 2020, 11.59pm

Adopt a piece of writing from one of your other courses. It should be at least 3 pages. It could be an article from a journal, pages from a textbook, a report…

Please provide me with an e-copy of the selection. Due week 3 anytime between July 13, 2020 and July 17, 2020.

You will be providing a brief 5 or so min description about this text covering points such as. You can make a video or audio and upload it on Moodle, details to do so will be provided.

  1. 1.    What’s the text about?
  2. 2.    Where is it from?
  3. 3.    Why you chose it? What makes it unique for you?
  4. 4.    How you plan on analyzing it?
  5. 5.    Any other relevant information about it.

Keep a copy of this text with you though the course. You will refer to this text often as we move through the course, analyzing it for specific features.

Final report (text analysis): Due on Aug 14, 2020 at 11.59pm. Include a References page citing the text you have adopted and any of the course readings you refer to. Use APA style. See course outline for links to APA referencing details.

700 - 800 words. Submission on Moodle, details to follow.


Possible points of analysis –

Orient me to the text –how does the excerpt fit in to the broader (con)text?

Why did you select it?

How do the layout, design, visuals (or lack thereof) affect the readability and credibility?

What are the assumptions of the writer(s) about the reader(s) (assumptions of knowledge; assumptions of culture)?

Analyze the language and the tone. How do they contribute to or detract from the text (in your view)?

What other characteristics make this piece more or less readable?

What’s missing?

During this course, we analyzed texts along many dimensions. Keeping our discussions in mind, what else do you have to say about the text you selected?

Cite this text in APA format



      What are some subject-specific features you have noticed in your other course readings?

        Become a discourse analyst: Note words and phrases that seem to recur in academic writing in    your discipline area and beyond.


By L. Steinman, YorkU, DLLL


Suggested Framework for Analyzing a Reading  




  1. What do you already know about this topic?
  2. What is the thesis statement (the main point the author is trying to make) and how is this point supported? What supporting points are particularly effective/less effective?
  3. What is the author’s position? (experience?; level of knowledge?; in what role is s/he writing?)
  4. What are some of the assumptions made by the author in this reading?

(The author seems to think that everyone knows who Trudeau was—that everyone can learn to speak English fluently…)

  1. Is there another perspective that might widen/enrich the discussion? (Gender? Culture? Place? Time? This is part of a critical analysis.)
  2. What have you learned from this reading?
  3. What are some questions arising from this reading?
  4. Do you see any connections between this reading and other readings in this course—or connections to other courses?




  1. What is the source and what is the genre of this reading? (A study in an academic journal? A newspaper article from the Toronto Star? An autobiography that has been published in book form? A statement from a government web site? A commentary from a student blog? )
  2. Describe the language used in this reading (conversational? academic? formal? dialogue? jargon?)
  3. Can you detect the organizing principle? (that is, what is the shape/design of the reading? Is it chronological? comparison /contrast? process? narrative? argumentation/persuasive? A blend of some of these?)
  4. Note and comment on the introduction and the conclusion.
  5. Language: Note some interesting/challenging phrases and/or vocabulary.
  6. Are there some interesting design features of this article? (graphs? Illustrations? Glossary…? If so comment on their usefulness.
  7. What’s your personal reaction?





More useful resources to guide you through this analysis:


Also refer to Framework for Reading – see next page  and Graham’s essay- available here -



Adopting a Text: Ideological Perspectives in Canada by Marchak, M. Patricia
Institutional Affiliate
Adopting a Text: Ideological Perspectives in Canada by Marchak, M. Patricia
Societies around the world are characterized by distinct values, beliefs, and principles guiding their interactions and integrations across the social, political, and economic dimensions. These values, beliefs, and principles may be unique to given societies or communities or shared among the same as witnessed in the world today. The unique or shared elements form the basis for developing a common perception or assessment of people’s way of life within a given social setting. A common or shared perception of different aspects of life across the social, political, and economic dimensions of society makes for the accepted ideology that defines or rather forms the basis for explaining the reasons behind the existence of the said aspects as perceived by individuals and societies alike. Marchak, M. Patricia’s Ideological Perspectives in Canada offers a breakdown of the shared perceptions existing in the North American country in a systematic approach that makes for an informative engagement with the readers. A detailed analysis of an excerpt from the author’s work, Ideology and Social Organization, highlights some of the outstanding elements of the text that function to develop an understanding of ideologies or shared perceptions existing in Canada.

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