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Urban Ecology of Stuyvesant Town Life Sciences Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please take Stuyvesant town in New York City as the location, there are specific requirement in the document I've send you. Because this is not a research paper or essay, so the perspective should be more like a observation paper. And please use simple sentences to write the paper, I will also send you one of my writing to make sure the writing looks like my writing.


Jipeng Qi
Urban Ecology
Michael Feller
Urban Ecology of Stuyvesant Town
Stuyvesant Town is a neighborhood in New York City. The town is the largest housing development town of New York City and the entire United States. According to Speed (2018), it has a total population of 21462. Living in Stuyvesant Town offers residents an urban feel, and most of the residents live in rental houses. The town has a lot of restaurants, bars, parks and coffee shops. There are also a lot of public schools that are above average and most of the people living there are retirees and young professionals (Plunz, 2016).  The major cities within Stuyvesant Town are Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Town. Most of the residents of the town described it not as tourist attractions but as a place that offers the satisfaction of living in the city and a place to hang one’s hat at night. According to Plunz, (2016), Stuyvesant Town is nicknamed as affordable housing right in the middle of Manhattan. It has uniform buildings which looked like a prison. The red bricks complex was constructed in 1942 by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. The paper describes the urban ecology of Stuyvesant Town which is composed from my observations when I visited the town. I went through some books in the library and a few literature reviews that helped me understand the History of this City back to 1942.

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