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Inspiration and Motivation Life Sciences Essay Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please read and understand the Microsoft Word transcripts for both - The Story of Rick and Dick Hoyt and Team Hoyt Accepting ESPY "Jimmy V" Award then answer the following information in the lesson 3 assignment Microsoft Word Document about traits.
Please see all attachments and contact me if you need further information.


Record your responses to each item below.

  1. traits related to inspiration and motivation: Review all the information in the lesson about traits. 

As you review the following videos, identify the leadership traits that Dick Hoyt displayed. Pay particular attention to the traits that inspire and motivate others.

    • The Story of Rick and Dick Hoyt—Team Hoyt
    • Team Hoyt Accepting ESPY "Jimmy V" Award

Identify the relevant leadership traits Dick Hoyt displayed. Briefly explain how his traits relate to his leadership.

  1. analyzing a leader’s traits - what contributes to effective leadership: Select a well-known current or past leader who exemplifies desirable leadership. Research the leader’s major accomplishments and identify the underlying traits that were central to their achievements. Then complete the following items:

Create a table similar to the one below to identify, define, and illustrate the accomplishments and the traits that are most characteristic of the leader that you chose.

    • In the left column of the table below, identify three major accomplishments of the leader.
    • In the middle column, identify three traits used by the leader and concisely define each trait. Use definitions that are derived from the lesson.
    • In the right column, provide a 2-3 sentence example of a behavior or practice that illustrates the leader’s use of that trait.










See the example below.

Key Accomplishments of the Leader

Identification and Definition of  Key Traits

Example that Illustrates theLeader’s Use of Each Trait

Handling of the Cuban missile crisis.

Confidence-- “Confident people feel self-assured and believe that they can accomplish their goals” (Northouse, 2018, p. 23).

He also demonstrated self-confidence in his decision to stop the Russian shipment of missiles to Cuba in 1962 despite fears expressed by many that such a move could trigger a third world war.


  1. Strengths-based Leadership: Exploring Your Strengths
    • Identifying your talents:
      • Consider Gallup’s four domains of leadership talents: Strategic thinking, executing, relationship building, and influencing (Rath & Conchie, as cited in Northouse, 2018).
      • Identify one domain that best represents your greatest talent.
    • Values-in-Action:
      • Go to Values in Action (Links to an external site.)
      • Register with the website
      • Complete the free Values in Action (VIA) survey
      • Allow 10 to 15 minutes to complete.
      • After reviewing your profile, list your top five strengths based on the survey results.
      • Then, consider the six categories that comprise the VIA Classification of Character Strengths: Courage, justice, humanity, temperance, transcendence, and wisdom.
      • Identify the category that best represents your top character strengths.
    • Positive psychology:
      • Consider the Center for Positive Psychology Realise2 Model--weaknesses, unrealized strengths, realized strengths, and learned behaviors.
      • Reflecting on your own performance and relative strengths and weaknesses, provide identify one brief example of each.
    • Strength Statement:
      • Use the information you have collected about yourself from the three approaches to Strengths-based Leadership (listed above) to develop a Strengths Statement.
        • a statement which allows you to articulate to your leader how you can contribute your strengths to the work activities, projects, or programs that the organization or department is trying to achieve (in a current or past position).
    • Imagine that you have been using your strengths at work and you have arranged an appointment with your leader to discuss your strengths.
      • Now switch roles, consider from the perspective of the leader, describe how would s/he could foster a positive strengths-based environment (climate, relationships, communication, and meaning) as discussed by Cameron (as cited in Northouse, 2018) when considering the strengths you have articulated.

Use APA format to provide citations and references for all of the sources that you cited in this assignment



Lesson 3 Assignment
Lesson 3 Assignment
1. Dick Hoyt
Three leadership traits displayed by Dick Hoyt include determination, integrity, and sociability. Hoyt’s determination can be seen in his persistence to participate with his son in the competitions. To be able to participate in more than a thousand races shows that he is determined. Hoyt shows integrity by not only being loyal and dependable but also by inspiring confidence in him. Hoyt’s sociability is displayed in his showing concern for his son and in honoring those who were killed in the Boston bombing by running one last race.
2. Elon Musk
Key Accomplishments of the Leader

Identification and Definition of  Key Traits

Example that Illustrates the Leader’s Use of Each Trait

Revolutionized electric car industry

Intelligence- “includes having good language skills, perceptual skills, and reasoning ability” (Northouse, 2018, p. 62)

Musk showed intelligence in his creation of a successful electric car company. This happened at a time when other auto manufacturers were focusing on fossil fuel cars that are environmentally unfriendly.

Set up a space exploration company

Confidence- “a trait that has to do with feeling positive about oneself and one’s ability to

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