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Discussion Board- Sci-Fi Movie. Life Sciences Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Discussion board post and response to another student's post are due 11:59 pm on Monday December 10. Please contribute a post to the discussion board on the following topic:
Hopefully we've all seen at least one sci-fi movie. For this discussion board, choose a work of fiction that includes elements of astronomy. It would be a sci-fi movie, television show, or book. Explain one aspect of astronomy that the story focused on and whether, to your understanding so far, the astronomy was "correct." For example, the movie Interstellar depicts a spaceship approaching a black hole and demonstrates time dilation due to being near the black hole, although the physics behind the storyline has been contested. You can discuss the astronomy in the work of fiction and whether you believe it is possible. If you would like , you can research it online as well as post a link to give the readers more information.
In addition, please provide a comment on at least one student's original post.
Note: Students should submit at least a 250 word response (original post) to the discussion board. In addition, each student should comment on another student’s discussion board post. The comments could include, e.g., a question about another student’s post, an additional comment building on the original student’s post, providing a differing viewpoint on the topic, etc. Students are expected to be respectful of other student’s discussion board posts. If a student’s comments are disrespectful or in poor taste, the student will not receive any points for the discussion board that week. The discussion board will remain open for two weeks until a new discussion board thread is posted. The student will receive 10 points for posting an original comment on the discussion board, and another 5 points for commenting on another student’s post.


DISCUSSION BOARD- sci-fi movie
The movie “Europa Report” (2013) focuses on the experiences of international astronauts who seek to search for life in Europa one of the four largest moon in Jupiter. (Cordero et al., 2013) The six-member crew faces challenges in the voyage because of technical problems and errors in judgment. The crew intended to confirm the presence of water beneath the Europa’s surface, which would indicate the possibility of extraterrestrial life. In the mission control there is communication when the crew is clear of Jupiter’s orbit, until when the astronauts face problems and have to do everything on their own. A successful space voyage to Europa would require more technical innovations and information about the moon.
In the deep space exploration, it is difficult to land on jupiter which lacks oxygen, has high pressure compared to earth and is mostly cloudy. Europa orbits Jupiter and satellite images have the possibility of ice beneath the vast glacial formations, but sending spacecrafts to Jupiter remains a b

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