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Anthropology. Four forces of evolution (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Please tell me how each of the Four Forces of Evolution impact variation within a population as well as between populations. Given the system you have just described, what is an isolating mechanism and how does it create a situation leading to speciation? source..
Four forces of evolution
Evolution which can be referred as any change among inventions is of different kind and among the common ones are: mutation, natural selection, gene flow and genetic drift which are referred to as the four forces of evolution. In order to understand what is meant by the four forces of evolution, it is fundamental to look at their impacts variation within population as well between populations.
Natural selection is one of the factors that determine population. For instance, it is believed that they operate o genetically based variations within the individuals and therefore control population since not every individual will withstand the nature of a given place since the alleles contained may change. In this case, environment also contribute to population control since some environmental condition favors the changing of alleles while other do not hence some inventions are affected. This is also determined by the survival for the fittest since only certain individuals will survive in a given environment. In this case if one is reproductively fit, one will live long and healthy enough to reproduce and as well ensure the reproductive success of the off sprigs.
When it comes to the effects of...
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