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Final Essay for History: The North and the South Division (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The exam is in three sections. Make sure you answer all of the questions necessary within each section. Read the directions for each section carefully. Answers must be in your own words. The exam is to be completed by each student independently and separately.

Part I: Long Essay   Answer ONE of the following questions. While there is no set length for your essay, the questions in this section are wide in scope. Your essay should reflect the multiple issues raised by the question and your access to the course readings, notes and video lectures.

  1. What impact does the increased demand for cotton and the invention of the cotton gin have upon African American slaves and Native Americans? Issues to consider include international demand for cotton, the cotton gin, Indian removal, the labor of slaves, the impact of slavery on African American women and at the attempts by slaves to form family, culture and community.


  1. Discuss the developing divisions between the North and the South that lead to the Civil War.  What role does the issue of slavery play in these divisions?  Issues that may be included are religion and abolitionism, William Lloyd Garrison, Nat Turner, the transformation of opposition to slavery from a religious moral reform movement to a political anti-slavery movement, the issue of slavery in the territories, the northern view of the South, and the southern view of the North.


The North and the South Division
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The slavery institution was the main factor that divided the United States along sectional lines. The Emancipation Proclamation addressed the slavery issue and offered African Americans an opportunity to fight for the freedom of slaves (The American Yawp, 2013).
Division between the North and the South
At the heart of the developing issues between the North and the South was the future of slavery. While the Northern and Western states fought to maintain the Union between the North and the South. The Southern states fought to gain independence, create a new Confederation and their own Constitution. The Northern states cited mostly, that slavery was against the religious conventions and did not reflect the religious foundation that the nation was founded on (The American Yawp, 2013).
The westward expansion of slavery resulted to sectional crisis that divided the North and the South. Following the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that ended the Mexican American war the U.S. acquired new territories and Mexico gave up all claims to Texas and recognized the Rio Grande as America’s southern boundary. The Congress played a significant role in designing plans that maintained the balance between free and slave states. The Missouri Compromise aided to settle the debate over slavery in the Louisiana Purchase area. Revolution in other countries, such as the successful anti-slavery u...
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