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Place In Malaysia (Kelantan Or Melaka) Illustrates Civilisation (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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A Visit to Melaka, Malaysia
For a while now, it has always been more like a debate, as to whether the ancients were more civilized than the present man can imagine. While so much has been about caves and Stone Age techniques, it can still be evident that there was indeed some form of technological advancements of these people which say otherwise. All the proof of past civilization can still be evident in various places everywhere across the world. These places stare back at us, trying to pass a point of disapproval or approval to the current historical interpretation, based on how it is understood. Taking the case of Malaysia for example, it has particular places that often ooze with an aura of past civilization. Case in point include Melaka.
One of the most remarkable countries to ever visit is Malaysia, a beautiful and intriguing nation that so often passes under the radar of international politics. Whether this is how it has managed to prosper, is still a case for another day. Malaysia is located in South Asia. Constitutionally, Malaysia is a federal monarchy. It has got thirteen states, and the federal territories are three in number. Melaka is one of the states in Malaysia located in Malay Peninsula, towards the southern region. What is next to Melaka is the Strait of Malacca. Melaka is popularly known as the Malaysian historical city. It is this aspect that has so often been a reason for tourist visits in the area, whenever one opts for interesting places while in Malaysia. A visit to Melaka was like indulging into a journey of discoveries and adventure to the some of the golden times of not only Melaka but Malaysia as a whole.
The intriguing parts of the visit are the historical sites that bring out the glorious past of Malaysia. However, there are other attraction sites that caught my eye. These are the modern attractions such as the cultural parks and the water theme parks. Adventuring some of the city's most popular attractions such as the ruins of the St. Paul's Church, Stadthuys, and Christ Church took me on a journey of how Malaysia has evolved into a magnificent country it is today.
After taking enough rest after that flight, my exploration started by adventuring the glorious history of Melaka. It was easy to dissect each part by visiting the museum. The nearby and one of the popular museum my tour guide advised to take a look at was Baba Nyonya Museum. The heritage house and the Mekanan Perakanan were irresistible. I will not go into details since as a history student; my aim was to focus on the historical part and civilization. We also left for Cheng Ho's Museum which is Chinese gallery housing. It exhibits Chinese Ming Dynasty admiral, Cheng Ho (Zheng He). Melaka was considered to be a safe haven for traders,in the 16th century,especially the Chinese who fled the oppressive rule in their country. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg on what is a long and interesting history of the place.
Historically, Melaka was originally a fishing village before the arrival of Sultan. It was inhabited by Orang Laut, the Malay locals. Parameswara was the founder of Melaka. Parameswara was the last Raja of the present day Singapore. A story is told of how he found himself there. Following the attack of Mejapahit in 1377, Parameswara found his way to Melaka. Here he found a good accessible port to all seasons. The story goes that the legend named above was resting under a tree when his hunt dogs attacked mouse deer that was cornered. In defense, the mouse deer pushed the dogs into the sea. This was an awakening call and it he took it as a propitious omen-the weak overcoming the powerful. On the spot, Parameswara decided to build an empire. He named it Melaka after the tree he w...

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