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Landmark Assignment. Who the Bukharian Jews are. History (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


For this assignment, you will imagine that you have been commissioned by the New York City Parks Department to write up the text for a plaque commemorating a famous location in New York City Jewish history. You should decide what information the public should know about this landmark site, why it is historically significant, and what it reveals about American Jewish history. You will want to answer the basic questions of where, when, who, what it is, and why it is important. But you should also provide historical context and background to inform the reader of the landmark’s place in a larger story of modern Jewish history. You should use the course readings, especially Jewish New York, in providing this historical background material. You may also want to delve into the location’s importance to New York City and American history as well.
Please use ONE specific landmark and not the neighborhood. If you could let me know what landmark you picked to confirm with me to avoid any problems with this assignment, I would appreciate all your help.


Landmark Assignment
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Bukharian Jews are a Jewish group from Central Asia. When the Soviet Union was dissolved, many of them migrated to Israel and the United States. The ones that went to the United States are scattered across New York, Arizona, Atlanta, Denver, South Florida, Los Angeles, and San Diego. In one borough of New York City, called Queens, in Forest Hills, people refer to the 108th street as “Bukharian Broadway" because a majority of them have set up shops, restaurants, and settlement there. Also, the majority of the population of Queens are the American Jewish people. According to a 2011 Geographic Profile of the Jewish Community in 2011, the Bukharian Jewish community accounts for more than 60,000 Jews in Queens, which makes 17% of the Jewish population in the borough. This landmark assignment identifies and explains more about Queens as a famous location in New York City Jewish history.
Who the Bukharian Jews are
Jews in Central Asia were facing persecution by Islamic rulers. Although the leaders protected most of them from the massacre, Sephardic leaders who traveled from Turkey and the Land of Israel influenced them. The Jewish community in Queens, New York, maintained their culture in the Samarkand cities of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Bukhara, and Kokandin, the capital city of Dushanbe (Rachel, 2005). Additionally, although they were under a communist rule for a long time, their sudden eradication was an end to Jews in the Soviet Union. Many Bukharian people lost their lives and families when Germany invaded the Soviet Union during World War II. That is the reason they celebrate the Soviet Victory Day not as a day of happiness but as a remembrance to the death of their members (Cohen, 2018). However, the group acknowledges Queens as another home away from home because it holds their memories and cultural heritage. They have managed to maintain their devotion to Mesorah in New York as they have Jewish schools and synagogues.

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