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American Genocide: Columbus and the colonization of the Native Americans (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Title: European Expansionism: Columbus and the Arawaks. Book Sources: David E.Stannard, American Holocaust pp. 97-146 Howard Zinn, Voices of a People's History. ( Only from Chapter 1) Reading Summary Guide: Write a three paragraphs analysis of the assigned readings following the organizational structure provided below: Introductory Paragraph: In the introductory paragraph write a brief summary of the selected chapters discussing the main theme of the reading. Use the title to formulate the summary. Write a one-sentence thesis statement and Underline the thesis statement. Again, use the title to formulate the thesis. Body (Evidence ) Paragraph: Write a brief body paragraph discussing key passages or sentences from the reading as evidence. Be sure to provide multiple direct quotes from the readings as evidence. Also, provide page citation for all the quotes used as evidence. Discuss the significance of the readings in relation to the selected quotes pulled from the text. Try to use 3-5 direct quotes from the readings as evidence in the body paragraph. Concluding Paragraph Write a brief conclusion discussing own opinion on the readings and its overall relevance to history. Print the WORD COUNT at the bottom of the page and please make sure it's not under 500 words. Please only use the CHAPTERS listed above. ONLY FROM THOSE CHAPTER. source..
American Genocide: Columbus and the colonization of the Native Americans
David Stannard`s American Holocaust (1992) chronicled how the Native American population as a whole had been largely exterminated since the arrival of the Spaniards. The first chapter of Howard Zinn`s Voices of a People`s History of the United States (2004) also showed how Columbus and the Spanish colonizers as a whole committed atrocious crimes against the people of Hispaniola and how these people resisted the enslavement and eventual genocide before the Spanish Royal Council. Thus, it can be seen how the Spaniards only brought repugnant devastation upon the Native American population which is clearly unlike the accounts of the colonizers themselves, such as Columbus.
Early European explorers attest to the large number of population and the vast expanse of territory in the areas now known as California. According to Father Ascension, "this realm of California is very large and embraces much territory, nearly all inhabited by numberless people" (Stannard, 1992: 135). This also attests to the civilization the indigenous population had constructed long before the...
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