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Advanced Nursing Practice Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the assignment is focused on primary care setting, a 54 year old male patient with uncontrolled diabetes with past medical history of hypertension , and hyperlipidemia. I can send the exact criteria of this assignment once I send the payment. patient is uninsured and is of Haitian descent but have been using herbal remedies to manage his disease secondary to him unable to afford his medications.
unit readings for examples of external evidence.
The problem or issue should reflect your area of advanced nursing practice preparation. For example, students enrolled in one of FAU's CON NP concentrations should identify issues that have a primary care focus.. Students enrolled in the Nurse Administrator concentration.or who have completed their MSN at another university should select a focus unique to their practice preparation.
For this discussion board, in your initial post, share your:
1. Advanced nursing practice preparation area (Nurse Administration, Primary Care NP, etc.).
2. Nursing situation
3. PICOT Question (including the type),
4. Full description of the problem/ issue/condition and the population that it affects.
5. Provide appropriate professional references to support the significance of the problem and why it important to address.


Advanced Nursing Practice
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The advanced nursing practice area that the clinical situation in this assignment falls is primary care. The issue is a part of the day to day health care services that nurses and other health care practitioners offer to patients. The situation involves a 54-year-old individual suffering from uncontrolled diabetes. The patient has had a significant history of hypertension and hyperlipidemia. He experiences the common but slightly elevated and fierce symptoms of diabetes, such as peeing a lot and being thirsty. Further, the patient's intake of sugar is average, but his sugar levels remain to be relatively high even when he treats it. However, his financial situation affects and threatens his health because he is uninsured. Additionally, being of Haitian accent, he has access to herbal medicine, which he uses as his secondary management tools due to being unable to afford medications.

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