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A Transparent And Reproducible Method Section For Literature (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Brief description: Formulate a structured question suitable for a literature review and for future research, undertake a literature search and report on the search methods using the ‘Methods Section Template' which includes table and graphic.
Describe in detail how the literature search was conducted and identify the databases and key search terms used for the literature search and retrieval strategy. The process of selecting articles for inclusion must also be described.
The aim is to produce a transparent, reproducible Method Section for your literature
review. You need to provide sufficient information to allow the reader to replicate the entire search
process. Furthermore in replicating the search process the reader should also be able to arrive at the same number of studies that met the inclusion criteria. Importantly, every step in this process must be
reproducible. You must also provide the rationale for excluding any studies.


Literature Review
Institutional Affiliation

Method Section Template
ADOPT THIS TEMPLATE for reporting the Method Section in your Literature Review. Also, use this template for the first Assignment. The italicized text must be removed when you submit the Method Section. You will see that what is in italics is my instructions to help you in the process. When you use a template, the shared/common material does not take into account in terms of the Turnitin Report.
The search strategy, including the list of databases and search terms used for this review, including the number of articles found using this method is shown in Table 1. The search was limited to articles published between January 1996 and December 2016 that met the following inclusion criteria:
Study designs and objectives
Subjects and setting
Relevant characteristics of the study samples
Publication type and language: peer-reviewed articles, published in English.
This literature search method yielded 150 articles. Once duplicates (n= 15 articles) were removed, the abstract of seventy articles were screened for inclusion in this review. The majority of the articles (n= 95) were incomplete and gave very little details in the subject area, mostly some were duplicates which were eliminated to avoid repetition of information. The remaining forty full-text articles were screened for inclusion in this review. A further eighteen articles were excluded for the following reasons:
Studies that only focused mainly on the leader nurse in the surgical department (Laschinger, Wong, McMahon & Kaufmann 1999). Some that gave due credit to leadership behaviours (Chiok Foong Loke, 2001) or those that focused on implications of nursing leadership (Corser, 1998).
Those articles that showed existential relationship between nurse and the healthcare facilities (Force, 2005). Articles that related majorly to the variation of nurse employment with no view to retention (Rafferty, A. M., Clarke & Coles, 2007), some articles that showed the relationship between different nursing units (Van Bogaert, Timmermans & Weeks,, 2014).
Incomplete studies which gave shallow information about the study area (Kane, Shamliyan & Mueller,, 2007).
Studies that were related to patient outcomes in this review were not considered (Aiken, Clarke & Sloane,, 2002)

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