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Importance of Gender Diversity in Healthcare (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Select a topic regarding the diversity in health care and write an objective from the affective domain for that topic.
This is a discussion question. Something other than cultural diversity.


Importance of Gender Diversity in Healthcare
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Importance of Gender Diversity in Healthcare
Fixing gender imbalance in healthcare is an essential trend in the current global environment where women are getting involved in health-related decisions and details. In a society where men are perceived as chauvinistic or dominant, women come into the fore as important decision-makers in policy formulation. Gender inclusivity in healthcare promotes more accuracy in related scientific research, advances unique perspectives, and is crucial in the retention of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This discussion argues that gender diversity in healthcare research will result in equality in participation and enhanced discovery of solutions to health problems in society.
The healthcare sector and related research are vital in the growth of contemporary scientific research. Investigative studies indicate a positive correlation between gender diversity and joint problem solving to the extent of demystifying the intelligence quotient (IQ) of individual group members (Nielsen et al., 2017). This assertion was a result of a study that involved 699 participants where individuals were grouped in random and varying sizes an

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