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Globalization Influences, Solving And Addressing Issues (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This paper is a MICROTHEME.
The primary purpose of this assignment is articulate thinking processes toward individual student exploration and practice application of a population health approach or concept introduced within the Population Health Approaches Theme.
A microtheme is described as a “little bit of writing preceded by a great deal of thinking” or writing to learn. (John Bean)
Question to be addressed: The question that students will respond to in exploring a microtheme of interest is:
“What is the relevance of GLOBAL INFLUENCES to the discipline of nursing and your emerging practice?" - it could be related to Canada.
• Write a scholarly paper of no more than 2-3 pages (excluding title and reference page)
• Demonstrate a clear understanding of the importance of the selected population heath approach or concept including the relevance to nursing as a discipline and your emerging practice.
• Identify and explore key ideas or elements related to the selected microtheme demonstrating exploration and application.
• Demonstrate their informed “student voice”.
• Utilize their anticipated future practice application in their synthesis and analysis for context
The paper will be graded according to the degree to which the writing has complied with the assignment overview and demonstrates the following criteria:
• The relevant points are developed logically. (0-3 marks)
• The relevant points are developed and displayed creatively. (0-3 marks)
• **The synthesis of knowledge utilizes the pertinent course and presentation research evidence. (See above overview point about research and evidence.) (0-5 marks)
• **The chosen microtheme relevance to the student is clear, concise and understandable. Intentionality and credibility are indicated in the process of inquiry and selection of concepts. (0-5 marks)
• ** Insights have been described and developed (0-5 marks)
• **The relevancy and applicability to each student's future nursing practice and transition to registered nursing practice is explicitly described. (0-5 marks)
• The credibility and authenticity of opinions are developed. (0-4 marks)
• The paper format is APA compliant. (0 to -3 marks)


Globalization Influences
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Globalization Influences
Globalization has had a significant impact on nursing as a discipline. Nursing as a discipline plays vital roles in global issues as well as international health. For instance, in the recent past which has been characterized by significant changes in the global scene, nursing as a discipline has shifted much attention in response to the changes in health concerns that emerged from globalization. Looking into one specific example is in the rise of cardiovascular health trend, which is one of the health issues reported globally.
The emerging global influences have made nursing organizations in different parts of the globe to align their duties and roles towards ensuring that a reverse trend is realized on the adverse health trends. It is quite essential noting that in some parts of the continent, the nursing curriculum has changed to integrate international issues as well as the global health concerns into the curriculum (Carlton, Ryan, Ali & Kelsey, 2007). Clinical topics relating to the spread of communicable diseases across the world and the discussions surrounding the importance of nursing intervention in solving and addressing issues of the needs of vulnerable populations have been incorporated in the curriculum.
One will agree that clinical health issues used to major their attention on the health problem with little focus being placed on the origin of the problem. For instance, issues such as poor health, diseases or pathology were given much attention compared to its causative factors such as social, economic and political elements. It is crucial to menti

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