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The Evolution Of Nursing: Future Perspectives (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The Evolution of Nursing  Future Perspectives 

Purpose:  Nurses work together in many environments. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of each type of graduate nurse will foster cooperative relationships. 

Directions:  Select and describe a specialty that has evolved in a different direction from that of advanced practice nursing (e.g., informatics, administration, health policy, and/or forensic nursing).

What key differences do you see in this evolution as compared with developed APN specialties? Describe the future vision and goals each role and relate to emerging healthcare trends and needs.


Evolution of Nursing


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Evolution of Nursing

Although different forms of nursing can be identified from different periods of human civilization, the roots of modern nursing can be traced to the 19th century. The wars in this period increased the need for personnel to take care of the wounded soldiers, which led to the establishment of organized nursing. During this period, Florence Nightingale, the daughter of an aristocrat, laid the foundations for modern-day nursing. The great success of this early practice resulted in the spread of nursing throughout Europe and America. This led to the establishment of various nursing schools, which led to the advancement of the profession into what it is today. From the simple professional nursing started by Florence Nightingale that only involved taking care of the injured, disabled, and dying (Cope, 1961), nursing has evolved over time to become the largest and most diverse field in healthcare. Moreover, above the traditional role of providing primary and ambulatory care, nurses today are involved in education, administration, and information management.

Most of the advancements in nursing took place after the Second World War, mostly fueled by technological growth. Also, owing to the demands of the war, various governments in the developed world gave more support and funding to the profession. More schools started offering additional and diverse courses, leading to the birth of registered and licensed nurses. Masters and Doctorate programs also emerged later in the 20th century. Professional bodies for nurses were formed to govern the training and practice. With the advent of advanced training for nurses at Bachelor

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