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Culturally sensitive care (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Question: As a nurse you may have encountered someone whose spirituality, religion, and worldview differ from yours. Are you comfortable taking care of patients whose beliefs are different than yours? If you are a patient in a health care setting, how would you feel if your health care professional were from a different cultural/spiritual group? Explain your feelings. Please note I am Christian. I believe in having respect for all people and their beliefs irrespective of my personal views. You could make up some stories that are believable. I have some sources you could use below. Please use one other source besides these. I will need 2-3 sources total. http://www(dot)culturediversity(dot)org/cultcomp.htm -------- http://journals(dot)lww(dot)com/nursing/Fulltext/2005/01001/Understanding_Transcultural_Nursing.2.aspx --------- http://www(dot)nursingworld(dot)org/MainMenuCategories/ANAMarketplace/ANAPeriodicals/OJIN/Columns/Ethics/CulturalValuesandEthicalConflicts.aspx --------- http://www(dot)nsna(dot)org/Portals/0/Skins/NSNA/pdf/Imprint_FebMar06_features_jeffreys.pdf source..
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Culturally sensitive Care
As a Christian nurse, I recognize how important it is to understand the cultural reservations of my patients. A cultural assessment tool becomes an important component in uncovering the cultural differences and formulating a culturally sensitive response to their different needs. Such a tool clearly communicates patients’ cultural preferences such as those concerning space, eye contact, touch, time consciousness, communication in terms of rights to refuse medication among other preferences (Nursing 2005 Career Directory, 2005). Knowledge of these preferences boosts the nurse’s self- efficacy and assists the nurse to make decisions that are respectful to the culture such as allowing the nurse to assign Muslim male caregivers to male patients in regard to touching certain parts of their body (Hasnain, Connell, Menon, & Patrick A, 2011).
As a Christian patient receiving care from a non-Christian caregiver, I would feel it necessary for the caregiver to consider certain religious preferences in terms of scheduling appointment days on days of worship or Christian holidays. I would also ex...
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