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Course Project Milestone #2: Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Hi! this order is a care plan for a health assessment project that I had started 2 weeks ago. please follow directions, I will attach a copy of the assessment wich is milestone part 1, a copy of the guidelines, and the form for milestone part 2 that needs to be complete. Please look at it carefully and read the milestone part 1 very carefully so milestone part 2 can be related. PS I want to say thank you for all your help, I just started to use this service for about 3 weeks now and I would say I'm pleased with all my orders. source..
Health Assignment Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Course Project Milestone #2: Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan Assignment 1: Analyze Assessment Data: Based on the health history information, identify the following: A. Areas for focused assessment (30 points) Provide a brief overview of those areas of strength and weakness noted from Milestone #1: Health History. The areas for focused assessment include the patient’s health patterns. Areas of weakness include fatigue which is related to occasional insomnia; stress which arose as a result of her divorce; being fearful; inadequate physical activity; anxiety; obesity and low self-esteem. Her strengths include motivation/enthusiasm, availability of support system, and having a health goal. B. Client’s strengths (30 points) Expand on areas identified as strengths related to the person's overall health. Support your conclusions with data from the textbook. Carpenito-Moyet (2008) stated that strengths refer to factors or qualities which help the individual to recover, cope with stressors, and progress to her/his original health or as close as possible prior to being hospitalized and before surgery or illness. In the case of this patient/client, her strengths include high enthusiasm to complete her bachelor’s degree online and obtain a better job; positive support system from her mother and children who the client says are much supported of her; health goal of seeing the swelling go down so that she can return to Alaska to her job. C. Areas...
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