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Climate Change on the Impact of Human Health in Oakland (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


California is increasingly concerned about the health implications of climate change. You work for the city of Oakland and have been asked to prepare an overview for the city council. You should provide a basic overview of what causes climate change and how those changes affect human health. You should also provide clearly in your analysis what you believe the primary concern for Oakland will be and what actions, if any, the city can take to adapt to these changes. You should also discuss other less pressing health issues related to climate and outline some steps that can also be taken.
In one paragraph, give your thesis/answer. What is your solution to the problem?
In this section provide an analysis that supports your solution. You must not only support your solution but also discuss alternative solutions and why you rejected them. Be sure and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your solution.
Use APA style for citations throughout the paper.
Provide an APA style reference page at the end of your paper.
the 7 pages isn't as much of a requirement as the 2000 word minimum. Not sure if that helps.
Also not sure if this helps.....
This was what I was pending as my Solution section:
Climate change is an increasingly concerning issue as industrial countries continue to produce gases that worsen the greenhouse effect of the ozone layer. This greenhouse effect causes a warming effect that has changed weather patterns across nations. As a San Francisco Bay Area resident, I can report that there has been a decrease in rainfall over the last 20 years during winter and fall seasons, and summer seasons are increasingly hotter. As temperatures rise in the Bay Area, risk for heat related illness and air quality concerns become much more prevalent. The city of Oakland needs to create policies to increase health education in schools regarding the impact of climate change in relation to protecting against heat illness and increasing the knowledge base of health issues related to air pollution.
This was the beginning fo my Analysis section before I got stuck:
Global warming is the primary cause for climate change and is created by the entrapment of carbon dioxide within the atmosphere. While carbon dioxide is created naturally in the environment, the burning of fossil fuels has increased the production of carbon dioxide that gets trapped within the ozone layer. According to NASA, the burning of fossil fuels has increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration by more than a third since the Industrial Revolution (callery, 2018). Scientists have calculated the current carbon dioxide levels at 400 parts per million, and state that the levels prior to the Industrial Revolution were approximately 280 parts per million (callery, 2018). The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has led to a rise in global average surface temperatures of 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (Wieckowski, 2015). Studies completed by the Environmental Protection Agency express that with every two degrees rise in temperature will bring a 5-15% reduction in crop yield and will increase the risk of wildfire by 200-400% (Wieckowski, 2015). This can be quite concerning for a state such as California, which already has a long-standing history of wildfire, and a large agricultural family. Wildfires can increase air pollution, and lower crop yields can lead to risk of malnutrition. These two problems are particularly concerning for the elderly, children, and the poverty-stricken. The US census estimates that Oakland has approximately 20% of the population living in poverty, 12% of the population is 65 years or older, and 20% of the population is under 18 years of age.
Air pollution/asthma
Pro’s to policy
Con’s to policy


A highly effective solution must target the highest pollutants in the municipal council by blending coercive measures, and other attractive offers can help reduce their negative impact on the environment. For Oakland, targeting any factory or industrial process that uses fossil fuels and coal for production would significantly help reduce air pollution. Therefore, the best solution is to impose policies that will compel these industries to move to cleaner sources of energy and or attract them to ditch their environmentally unfriendly processes and or equipment and adopt clean energy. These policies should also discourage the establishment of inefficient energy factories and also encourage the establishment of factories and industries that use clean sources of energy. For cars, the policies should aim at encouraging using public transport. It can also reduce the utility of heavy fuel consumers because they relatively have a higher negative environmental impact. For cars, such policies would target increasing gas prices and incentivize ownership and utility of electric cars.
Factories within Oakland must be compelled to reduce their amounts of emissions they release to the atmosphere. Their reliance on fossil fuels and coal produce carbon dioxide and other pollutants as by-products of combustion. Electricity is a clean alternative source of energy, and with the right blend of coercive measures and attractive offers, these companies can ditch their pollutive processes in production. There are several ways in which the industries can be compelled to drop fossil fuels and coal which are atmospheric pollutants to using electricity.
The companies can be given tax breaks or incentives for using clean sources of energy. The tax breaks can entice the management of these factories to move to the clean sources of energy and replace the machinery and or equipment that relied on fossil fuels and coal with equipment that uses electricity. Tax breaks can also help the company to cushion themselves against the cost of changing their production system to a more environmentally friendly system.
The municipal council can impose higher environmental pollution fees to discourage the factories from continually polluting the atmosphere. The fees cut on their profits and if they are raised high enough such that it is uneconomical to continue using fossil fuel and coal, the factories can move to other production processes. Additionally, the fees discourage the establishment of other factories which might have a production process model which is not environmentally friendly. Eventually, fossil fuels and coal are non-renewable sources of energy, and someday they will be depleted and therefore these factories ought to start thinking beyond their utility long before they are exhausted.
The municipal council can compel the companies to install air purifiers to their chimneys which absorb these gasses and or either turn them into harmless substances. Scrubbers and carbon capture equipment can reduce environmental impact greatly from any of the fossil fuel dependent industries CITATION MIT14 \l 1033 (MIT Technology Review, 2014). This can buy them time as they strategize on how to move to clean sources of energy. That smoke emitted by these companies has a lot of other compounds, and in some cases, it contains heavy metals which have serious health effects on humans. Therefore, since technology has proved that we can purify and only emit harmless compounds into the atmosphere such as oxygen and water, these companies can be compelled to use these technologies to reduce their environmental impact.
Cars are also another major source of air pollution which affects the residents’ health. Cars need a multifaceted approach to ensure their environmental impact is ...

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